liberals develop counterstrike to tory PR tech

From Yes, Another Liberal:

I say we fight back with puppies
If they’re going to come at us with kittens, it’s the only way.

Puppy Kitty Civil Unions? 

Or go all out and use puppies running through fields of flowers.

Puppy/Kitten counterstrike

If that fails we go nuclear, and give them puppies cuddling with kittens

The Puppy Kitty Coalition!

raincoaster, of course, went straight to Defcon P in the illustrations.

Cute ’em all, let God sort ’em out.

10 thoughts on “liberals develop counterstrike to tory PR tech

  1. We must deploy anti-kitten Rottweilers immediately. The escalation of this sort of thing may lead to Conservative party members frolicking with dolphins!

    And that wouldn’t reflect their environmental stance. Perhaps the Nauga might be a better emblem? They’re endangered, after all.

    Personally I think the presence of kittens was accidental. They were using Mr. Harper’s wooden body as a scratching post.

  2. Good points, but I think the NDP will be all over the dolphin thing as soon as they think of it. Someone will say something in an email about “popular, multiracial entertainer” Michael Jackson and kids in the presence of some clueless Albertan Harperbot and the next thing you know the Globe and Mail is leading with an 8×10 colour shot of Harper in Dubai with MJ and a hapless Lost Boy.

    Why interfere with your enemy when he is destroying himself? Metro, somebody needs to be sending that email…

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