tories develop stunning new PR technology

I’m not talking about the British Tories. They seem to have developed stunning new hydroponic agricultural techniques, judging by some of the half-baked stuff they’re turning out lately.

No indeed. I’m talking about Heil Harper and his merry band of morticians.

raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens used for cheap political purposes

Isn’t that a look of terror in that poor kitty’s eyes? I bet she knows all about those Harper Eats Babies rumours which were never adequately refuted and figures she’s next on the menu. The one at the rear is quite obviously trying to make her escape before off-camera goons can seize her and beat her unconscious.

from a Tory informant in Michelle’s World:

“Attention Liberals:

We have released our new campaign strategy that is sure to win us a majority. The trick: Kittens. In every photo op in everything Harper is doing: kittens. Consider the example above: What’s that secret legislation he’s signing? Holy crap – it’s part of the hidden agenda… but wait, no… what are those? Kittens??? That can’t be a hidden agenda, it’s probably the “Sunshine and Lollipop Act, 2006”. What a warm, loving and wonderful Prime Minister!

You’re finished.”

5 thoughts on “tories develop stunning new PR technology

  1. In Harper’s case I think if you whacked him you’d hear the thump of hollow wood. But if it had been wood, he’d have long since sold it to the Americans.

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