forget the metal detector: where’s the intelligence detector

Although I think in this case it might be superfluous. No point dragging the thing out when you already know it’s gonna register a big goose egg.

X-Ray vision, Laser Intelligence (pick one)

Guess how drunk this guy was…

Dankovic told mates that sword swallowing was easy and anyone could do it – they challenged him to prove it.

But he had to be rushed to the local hospital after swallowing a knife with an eight inch blade, eight nails, two spoons and a couple of clothes pegs to win the ten pound bet.

Ten pounds? What was that, win-all-you-can-eat? The scrap metal market has become entirely too competitive for my liking.

“My girlfriend has told me she hopes they got everything out, we are planning to fly on holiday next month and she doesn’t want me getting stopped by the airport metal detector.”

Isn’t that sweet? He’s found someone who will stand by him in times of trouble. Someone stupid enough to stand by him in times of completely devastating, meaningless trouble he brought upon himself in a drunken stupor.

Any chance the doctors performed a quick Malthusian snip while he was out? For the sake of the Serbian gene pool, let us hope so.

6 thoughts on “forget the metal detector: where’s the intelligence detector

  1. I hope the doctors took out the metal but installed something that’s going to cause a violent reaction to alcohol every time he takes a drink. Mind you, I’m not sure that would deter Jethro here.

  2. Ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh, nasssssty! I like it!

    You know the old joke about when Madonna went in for a prenatal exam? Not only did they determine the baby was healthy, but they found four Superbowl rings!

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