the T factor: cocktease edition

where the customer comes first

or twattease: we are, after all, very evenhanded and all Feminista here on the ol’ raincoaster blog.

The Guardian reports that the most famous and historic brothel in the world has just re-opened, but don’t pack your prophylactics quite yet. The reportage, while Bad boys, bad boys, whatchagonna do?factually unassailable, omits some of the most critically relevant information tourists require before booking their vacation time, lathering themselves in strawberry-flavoured viscosity and chucking the carefully-powdered latex bodysuits into a duffle bag.

Read it for yourself:

The “wolves’ lair” – ancient Pompeii‘s biggest, best planned and most richly decorated brothel – yesterday reopened to the public after extensive restoration.

They will let you in. They will take your money. And then they will shaft you.

this way, suckers!

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