You dress better than Kate Moss!

Cocaine KateOh yes you do, even if you don’t manage to get paid for it.

I’ve never understood the “she’s a style icon” bullshit chorus for Kate Moss. Tell me what the Kate Moss style is, what the Platonic Ideal of the Kate Moss Outfit would be…you can’t, can you? That’s because there isn’t one. Listen to the fashion editors and the photographers, who all say that she photographs best naked; that’s because of the crap she insists on throwing on her body.

Kate Moss has gotten the reputation of being an incredible style leader not because she has an amazing gift for putting clothes together, but rather because she would look good in a torn, faded and full green garbage bag.

Seriously, Kate, did you mug an accountant and take his clothes?Right now, the odds are that you are dressed better than Kate Moss. I am dressed better than Kate Moss, and I’m wearing an old grey t-shirt with a peeling Maverick Mountain surfing picture on it, a faded grey velour hoodie, and a torn cream-coloured silk circle skirt lined in flannelette. Barefoot.

But at least what I’m wearing isn’t covered in Pete Doherty‘s bloodstains, or my own crusted vomit. And it doesn’t look like this:

Kate 'n Pete, looking classy

3 thoughts on “You dress better than Kate Moss!

  1. Who cares! Kate Moss is still hot. She’s a model not a presisdent! Models just stands there and look good, and she looks hella gorgeous! Whatever she does other than modeling is none of our business. I love her look in pictures and that’s all there is to it. Quit hating on people that doesn’t even know you. Live life to the fullest and worry about your own shit! peace!

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