not dead

just illin’. As is WordPress, which has stymied several posting attempts.

Until I’m well again, please amuse yourselves by clicking through the tags randomly, or just read a nice, solid rant. All my people love a nice rant against some undersocialized dweeb, right?

12 thoughts on “not dead

  1. Thanks. It’s viral laryngitus plus bonus flu, so i don’t expect I shall die from it. I hope being sick burns calories, though, for I have an appetite you would not believe today!

  2. Feed a cold, starve a fever. I find alcohol helps. Something warm, like whiskey in tea. It will soothe your throat. Or try my mothers remedy – a mug of warm half brandy/half milk with honey to taste. It doesn’t cure you but you couldn’t care less about the cold.

  3. I thought about getting brandy the other day, but I got Jack Daniels instead. Morbidly, I’ve been on a Jack Daniels kick since the Kimveer Gill shooting. Still, that in coke is very nice. I was on a Negroni kick after the Christian Brando murder, but ran up against the fact that few bars stock Campari. Me be morbid, yo.

    I did try to make the Jack into hot whiskey and spices, but meh, not so good. I must get myself down to the Irish Heather for a properly-made version soon. Irish whiskey and fresh lemons make all the difference.

    Strangely, although I can see my typing is being affected by the booze, I don’t feel it. Weirdness. Also, my doctor informs me that I’m allergic to ibuprofen. I would have thought I’d be non-receptive to any mind-altering substance, but live and learn, eh?

  4. I love Wolf Blass. If you can’t afford the merlot then the cabernet sauvignon is a good alternative. And screw top of course – my corkscrew failed through fatigue. I kid you not.

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