skull and bones membership

Everything after 1848. This should satisfy all you conspiracy theorists, and should put a spur in the sides of those of you whose blog posts didn’t make it to my illin’ issue. Got to work harder next time! Here’s the roundup!

Trivia: Did you know that George W Bush (S/B 1968) has appointed 11 Bonesmen?

  • William Donaldson, S/B 1953, head of the SEC.
  • Edward McNally, S/B 1979, general counsel of the Office on Homeland Security.
  • Roy Leslie Austin, S/B 1968, Ambassador to Trinidad & Tobago
  • Robert McCallum Jr., S/B 1968, Acting Deputy Attorney General of the United States and ambassador to Australia.
  • Rex William Cowdrey, S/B 1968, Deputy Director National Institutes of Health

Also of note:

  • Robert K. Guthrie III , S/B 1968, probable CIA, Director of Social and Economic Affairs, Council of Europe

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