pic o’ the day: stormwatching in Ucluelet

Do ya ever chat with Europeans and listen to them complain about “wilderness” and “wild animals?” A friend of mine lived in Heidelberg for a year and during that time she noted several occasions on which the populace was encouraged to go out into the forest and “Pick up the garbage, like fallen leaves, branches, etc”. Can’t have that messing up the forest, nosirree!

What we have here is a failure to communicate.

Hedgehogs are not the same as grizzly bears. If your country does not support wildlife that can kill you, it has no wilderness. It has parks.

A friend of mine used to say that if you go camping and shoot a gun off and anyone else can hear it, you’re not really camping.

Welcome to my world. This is nine hours drive from here, including ferry time, but I can walk from my apartment downtown to an area with bears in it in about two and a half hours. Forty minutes on the bus if you’re lazy.

Behold Ucluelet, world-renowned destination for stormwatching, for obvious reasons:

Ucluelet by Sherri Boe

14 thoughts on “pic o’ the day: stormwatching in Ucluelet

  1. Raincoaster , what is this sneering at our hedgehogs all about they can give you a nasty nip. Any way we get to the sea in about an hour or two wherever we are . That is why the Brits are a fearless breed of salty sea dogs with a glorious past of Empire and discovery.

    Love this picture but it would be so much better wuith a couple of benches and a picnic area. Tut tut inclement for the weekend again

  2. “If your country does not support wildlife that can kill you, it has no wilderness.” – Great quote, and I totally agree. No parks in my part of the world, that’s for sure.

    Great pic of Ucluelet. I went a couple years back and loved it – sideways rain and all.

  3. Thanks! When I first posted it I thought momentarily about mentioning the photographer; obviously, I should have. Live and learn; credit where credit is due. If this blog had to rely on MY photography skillz, it would be a sorry-ass looking blog indeed.

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