cake! dietsafe!

A totally diet safe cake heartlessly stolen from curiously crafty. One has to wonder what they get up to there, messing around with people’s cake, but then they don’t take it to any great extent, as is obvious here.

Creamy, but strangely unsatisfying...

5 thoughts on “cake! dietsafe!

  1. That reminds me of a somewhat alcoholic acquaintance of mine who complained that he had to drink about 40 ‘non-alcoholic’ beers (actually the kind that are about 1%) to get a buzz.

  2. Poor boy. What a waste of time.

    And Coyote, that is true, but I only see one here. Having just returned from back east, where everything is supersized, I appreciate this. Actually, I bought a cookie yesterday and it was far too big to finish; expensive, too. Why in god’s name don’t bakeries make small, palm-sized cookies and sell them for fifty cents instead of these great platter-like objects that cost two bucks!

  3. I’ve never seen a cookie too big to finish before.

    I don’t know about the size thing. Bigger makes better presentation, and it makes customers think they’re getting a deal. And it means less work, since you’re portioning out larger cookies rather than millions of little ones.

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