the custody battle from hell

This is a dead dog. Just wait for it.Oooooh, this isn’t going to end well.

The short version is:

  • a woman’s dog died at the vet.
  • Someone claiming to be a friend of hers picked it up.
  • Turns out that was no friend; it was her ex-husband.
  • Now she wants the dog back, but he says he’s going to bury it instead, nyeah, nyeah.
  • The charge is larceny.

Thank god some couples don’t have children: they are children.

3 thoughts on “the custody battle from hell

  1. How nasty. I remember a friend of mine – an Asian DJ – was housesitting at some dude’s posh pad in downtown DC – when the damn cat jumped off the balcony. By the time he made it downstairs to retrieve the poor thing, someone had picked it up off the street! Frantic, he went to every vet in town and discovered that it was put to sleep. To this day the guy thinks his ex girlfriend snuck in with her old key and swiped the cat.

    That dog in the pic better take a few steps back in case that chair breaks.

  2. I had a friend who the vet decided to “dispose” of the animal because it had died at the office. Nothing was done to him, but he lost a lot of business.

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