Helen Mirren topless: tardis companion hot

See? Totally tardis-worthyThe ever-classy Sun has provided us today with one of the true greats in the field of service journalism, an immortal story that will live long in infamy and on fansites…well, at least till this time next year.

They have dug up topless shots of all of the Oscar nominees for Best Supporting Actress, and what an eyefull it is, too. Defamer brought the story stateside, where I found and lifted it for your viewing pleasure. Naturally, let it not go unsaid that the Sun link is NOT SAFE FOR WORK, SCHOOL, REHAB, OR THE COMPUTER ON THE SEX OFFENDER WARD. And NEITHER IS THE FULL TOPLESS HELEN MIRREN PIC ON LOLEBRITY.

My favorite part of the whole thing is the headline “Mirren was GRIPPED by fear” just under her picture. Although it must be said that the dark horse winner is Dame Judi Dench, whose 100% natural A-list knockers easily lead the pack by a head or at least an erect nipple or pair of carefully-placed leaves.

DAME Judi gives an elegant performance as the appropriately named Titania in this unique 1968 interpretation of a Shakespeare classic.

The judges felt her sense of ironic joie de vivre, along with two of the best knockers in the business, made her a candidate we couldn’t ignore.

A real trip down Mammary Lane . . .

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22 thoughts on “Helen Mirren topless: tardis companion hot

  1. While I did run across this flick a couple of years ago on late-night TV, I first fell for Helen in ‘2010 – The Year We make Contact’ – nothing like a Russian babe in a flight suit, I always say.

  2. Good point. Besides, “Age of Consent’ was not a shining thespian moment despite some pretty decent nude underwater footage of the Dame – more like an artists’ version of Crocodile Dundee. I can still imagine James Mason saying, “Now THAT’s a paintbrush.” The end of the flick is even a chamber of commerce plug for Australia as a movie location.

    Put THAT in your IMDB.

  3. I am increasingly coming to think that she’s going to have everyone at the Sun killed…unless Judi Dench can protect them. Forget the Rumble in the Jungle: It’s the Grappling GrILFs!!!

  4. It must be some kind of strange Zen lately . I saw another movie – ‘Avanti’ I think – with an immediately post-‘Nanny and the Professor’ Juliet Mills swimming and sunning herself at great length in a rather unencumbered state as well.

    Sounds like you need to start a ‘nude and English’ thread soon . . .

  5. I heard that as a bad JAP joke: she drops her emery board! But you should check out Defamer this morning; they posted a story about someone holding her Golden Globes and her cracking a joke about it.

  6. At a certain point one must transcend mere egotism…although voting for Dame Judy is in no way contra-egotistical if one hasn’t allowed one to be photographed recently.
    Penny knows the value of lying on one’s back…no comment.

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  10. Which brings me to my fave Acting Award show EVER, the Golden Globes, the year before last.

    Kate Winslett was up for two, and having won one of them, obviously didn’t think she had any chance of winning the second. When her name was read out for The Reader, she was so drunk, two minders had to hoist her up the stairs, and I mean hoist…. as they lifted her up one each side, her feet were dragging along the ground.

    Hyperventilating and gasping like a monster blowfish, and blubbing for the rest of the time, she made the huge mistake of forgetting the name of Angelina Jolie, who hissed like a cobra. Magic.

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