Never Forget!

Aqua Teen Hunger Force Protesters. First they came for the milkshake... never forget!
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11 thoughts on “Never Forget!

  1. The public reaction is to mock the government that would consider this an act of terrorism, and they are doing that by showing the dissonance between the facts of the case (Mooninites) and the context the government is placing it in (international terrorism). This is also why at the press conference the guys who were arrested would only answer questions on Seventies hairstyles. Is that ridiculous? Is protesting for the remembrance of Mooninites ridiculous? Of course it is. Is arresting these guys and treating the whole thing like a terrorist attack ridiculous? Of course it is.

  2. The delighful thing is that even Governor Patrick has publicly called this a “hoax”.

    That is, he has stated that the perps wanted the ‘Nite-Brites to be taken for bombs.

    It’s time for some damage control, a sheepish “heh-heh, sure fooled us” followed by a finger-wagging and “go and sin no more”. Otherwise they risk making the justice system look as stupid as they made their emergency response system.

  3. I don’t really agree. maybe everyone who saw the things were stupid… i don’t know – but i can see how/why they might have been mistaken for something dangerous.
    i posted a link on my site to a group who make led art and put their work up in public places. they were certainly the inspiration for these advertisers – – but the whole thing really does seem to suggest that everyone involved was incredibly dim not to see things for what others would almost certainly see them for. the advertisers never should have done it… nor should they have been treated like terrorists. everyone is stupid.

    all in all – i think that it’s a stupid thing for the blog community to get up in arms about. there’s no story there really – just a bunch of hype because the signs were made with LEDs, which seems cool to the gadget heads out there.

  4. I don’t think anyone here is actually up in arms. I think they’re mocking those who are, by aping their overreaction.

    But the fact that these pranksters are facing potential indefinite detention in Gitmo or the Syrian torture camp of Cheney’s choice for their actions (those are two of the possible legal penalties) is indeed something to get exercised about. It is literally a perversion of justice, and if we don’t get upset about that, what great noble cause in the future are we saving our outrage for, exactly?

    A friend of mine pointed out that the cops who arrested these guys are NEVER going to hear the end of it from the other cops. Never.

  5. raincoaster,
    i see your point. I’m terribly uninformed about the entire story. i thought the two guys had already been released with all charges dropped.

  6. They are out on bail. I’m not sure if the charges were subsequently dropped (just woke up and haven’t checked, but I doubt it on a weekend). Last I heard they were facing charges, and the movie company had agreed to pay a million dollars to compensate the city for the city’s freakout.

  7. After snickering for a few days about this whole episode, it occurred to me that the federal government may soon ban cars because they look like car bombs.

    Next? Plumbing supplies because they can look like . . . pipe bombs.

    I have to quote Bette Midler on this one (at the risk of Rain continuing to call me a bear): Fuck ’em if they can’t take a joke.

    And I’m stil waiting to see some of that caramel crunch donut-on-donut action . . . .

  8. They could use a good fuck: it would probably relax them.

    As for the donut-on-donut action, I’m afraid you’ll have to wait: I’m on a diet, no donuts for me.

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