quiz: which April Fool’s prank should you play?

It’s not too late; hell, around these parts, it’s NEVER too late for a good prank.

Your April Fool’s Day Prank Should Be

Putting a fly in your friend’s ice cube

What April Fool’s Prank Should You Play?

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13 thoughts on “quiz: which April Fool’s prank should you play?

  1. Oh no, I shall never play a prank again……..my brother and I thought it would be delightful to squirt dish soap in the ice tray….when it came time to plunk the cubes in the glasses and set them next to our Porterhouses, we were clenching our jaws to stifle mad giggles….we watched in silent agony as our mother drank from the glass and her eyes furrowed in bemusement – and she immediately remarked, “This tastes odd.” Papa took a sip but didn’t say a word until mother nagged him to reconsider.

    Then, as time flew by and cow chunks were in our belly, my mother declared in Mao Zedong fervor, “I’m not crazy, I’m right!” [Because you know, the bitch is always right].

    Tormented by full on nag-otry, my brother and I confessed and were immediately dismissed to our rooms but not before my mother slid a piece of soap in our mouths so we could get a taste of our own “medicine.”

  2. You pulled this prank this year?

    The best I ever did was I took one of those musical cards that senses when the card is open and plays tinny, awful music, and I tore out the music box and stuck it in the breast pocket of my friend’s jacket. It took him two days before he found it, and it played “Jingle Bell Rock” the whole time!

  3. Um, I have a feeling that any prank played on this guy would go right over his head!

    He probably thought it went well with the voices in his head! What a treat, he thinks!

  4. Why don’t you offer to cook and put tranks in her food. Actually, why don’t you put hallucinogens? That should be fun, when she sees you turn into a tie-dyed spider.

  5. Because she’d pull out a kitchen knife and try to kill me. She’s been trying to all her life, now she’s got a perfect excuse – that her daughter turned into a spider – and she probably won’t even serve a day in jail.

  6. The prank I look back on most fondly happened when I was working in a large federal government building. One night I went around the whole building and set each phone (and there were 23 of them, including three for service that rang incessantly all day long) to “forward” to my boss’ phone.

    Work started around 7:30, panicky phone calls tended to start around 7:29. “Crash” (his last name was “Bern” or as close as makes no odds) arrived at 8:00. He already had thirty messages, mostly nothing to do with him, all of which required the completion of an inter-office memo for CYA purposes.

    I found excuses to promenade down the hall outside his door for the next hour, listening as his telephone responses grew ever more terse and crazy-sounding.

    It gave me a warm feeling in the jaded regions of the scallops of my heart that has lasted until this very day.

  7. Hello there, Happy April Fool’s Day!!

    Benny is almost 32 years old. All his friends are now married, but Benny just dates and dates.
    Finally, his friend asks him, “What’s the matter, Benny? Are you looking for the perfect woman? Are you really that fussy? Surely you can find someone who suits you?”
    “No I just cant,” Benny replies. “I meet many nice girls, but as soon as I bring them home to meet my parents, my mother doesn’t like them. So I keep on looking!”
    “Listen,” his friend suggests, “why don’t you find a girl who’s just like your mother?”
    Many weeks go by and again Benny and his friend get together.
    “So, have you found the perfect girl? One that’s just like your mother?”
    Benny shrugs his shoulders, “Yes, I found one just like mum. Mum loved her right from the start and they have become good friends.”
    “So, do I owe you a Mazel Tov? Are you and this girl engaged yet?”
    “I’m afraid not. My father can’t stand her!”

    Happy April Fool’s Day!

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