tardis blueprints

This should look cute in your front garden 

Well, not so much “tardis” as “Metropolitan Police Box” but it is naturally beneath the dignity of the ol’ raincoaster blog to include “box” in a headline, bien sur and yew betcha.

From Sherrod Drawings, via Neatorama, here are the actual archictectural plans for the once-common, now consigned to sci-fi police box.

The first Police Boxes were introduced from America in 1888. The earliest Police Box resembling Drawing G/A1 was erected in Newcastle in 1929. Originally built of wood, the design had changed to reinforced concrete, weighing in around two & one-half tons…This set of plans will make a great present for those Dr Who Fans, or anyone interested in Architectural antiquities…

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11 thoughts on “tardis blueprints

  1. Thanks for this. I was thinking about a fire pit for the back yard, but I see no reason why I couldn’t build it to look like this.

  2. Actually, if memory serves Bizarre mag had the interior as well. Try bizarremag.com. Do NOT try Bizarre.com, particularly as you’re on community connections most of the time. That would get you blacklisted ASAP.

    Also, I have a firepit in my backyard and another on deck; they look like fire pits, like iron stoves, like chimneas, not like Tardii. If you do this, it would be fark-worthy. I call.

    When are you starting the construction? Media outlets need three week’s lead time.

  3. Now this is cool :) Thanks for showing! Although I thought that Show Me Scifi would’ve gotten it too or something.

  4. Thank you for the police box blue prints.
    Do you have any other more detailed plans so DaD & I can build one
    youes truly
    JimMac Western Australia

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