the little things

A perfect Spring day in Montreal. I know how that feels, even though it was February when I was in Montreal: some experiences transcend time and space.

via The Manolo

My perfect day wouldn’t have the cigarettes, but it would sub in a great used bookstore instead. A used bookstore with no funny smell and a really handsome shopkeeper.

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6 thoughts on “the little things

  1. Oh my god, is that a black dude hitting on a white chick? In the spirit of political incorrectness and Don Imus, I must say that a video like this could start a riot in Alabama!

    Anyway, great video….reminds me of Europe…espresso and cigs and window shopping…makes me want to book the first flight out!

  2. Chyah, like she’s gonna call him. By six o’clock she’ll be on the phone to her best friend, scarfing ice cream and talking about the scary-lookin’ creepy dude who like, totally stalked her.

    In Vancouver, if one is not willing to be hit on at least once in one’s life by someone who may be posessed of somewhat more or less melanin than oneself, then one is confining oneself to a rather small percentage of the eminently dateable population.

    Or one is possibly simply spending too much time at the temple-of-your-choice.

    Handy hint for tourists: You can broaden the pool significantly if you don’t mind being hit on by someone nominally the same gender as yourself, too.

  3. Metro, you are obviously no good at interpreting women’s “hmm, yeah, alright” glances. It was kind of Mrs Metro to take you out of the dating pool.

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