quiz: at what price would you sell out?

This seems awfully low to me. I mean, if the spiders were under some form of anesthesia it’s quite possible I’d eat them just to see what they taste like; that doesn’t mean I come cheap! Besides, it’d take at least twice this just to pay off my creditors at this point, so no, I wouldn’t sell out for this much.

Also, bonus story: GBS was sitting next to some stuffy, titled woman at a dinner party. He hated dinner parties, but he always went, perhaps so he’d have something to complain about, since he did it most entertainingly. Anyhoo, she was boring him silly so he threw out one of those “liven up a party” questions that the social columnists are always suggesting one do, only because it was Shaw, this was what is conventionally known as “a doozie.”

He asked her if she’d sleep with him for three million pounds. She giggled and said she would, ha, ha, and no doubt congratulated herself in her secret heart for the comeback (providing, of course, she was possessed of such an item: the secret heart, that is: which item is, I understand it, not at all common among such people).

Then he asked if she would sleep with him for ten. She replied, “What do you think I am?” 

He responded, of course, “We’ve established that, madam. Now we are negotiating price.”

On Average, You Would Sell Out For


At What Price Would You Sell Out?

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13 thoughts on “quiz: at what price would you sell out?

  1. What the hell?

    I got over $1500 and I felt that that wasn’t enough. I mean, I can be paid to do almost anything, but my threshold is high.

    My favourite quote on whoredom, via Heinlein:
    “In my mind, I was a king’s mistress, not some sad-faced mattress-back.”

  2. I think this test is surprisingly accurate, at least in a relativistic way. Nice quote, Metro. So Madame Metro actually IS a Madam? Also, remember Gawker Media’s motto: It’s not whoring if you do it for free.

  3. Not sure about Mme M. Perhaps I should just check out the people she spends time with … I’m sure one or two of them would qualify …

    I’m not sure about the Gawker quote. Rupert Murdoch cashes no cheques from the GOP, I misdoubt.

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  5. Again, not sure.

    I have to play it cagey ‘cos I’m trying to claim you as a dependant this year rather than an employee. It still won’t cover the gin bill, but I don’t have to pay benefits.

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