I don’t see what’s so funny

I'm blogging this, bytches

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7 thoughts on “I don’t see what’s so funny

  1. I am reminded of the (say it kindly) thrifty gent who raised his head and whispered:

    “Jim, my oldest son. Are you here?”

    “Yes, father,” said the young man, fighting back tears.

    “And John, John my middle son–are you here too?”

    “Yes, father,” choked out that worthy.

    “And Ham–Ham, delight of my twilight years–are you here too?”

    “Yes, Pop,” said the third son.

    “Leila–Leila my patient and loving wife of fifty years–are you here also?”

    “Yes, husband, I am.”

    The old man sat bolt upright and screamed:


  2. Which reminds me of an old Dave Allen joke…

    An Irish protestant was on his deathbed. A lifelong, passionate opponent of the Catholics, his fire was now dying and there was no doubt he would not last till the morning. Slowly, with great effort, he raised his head and said to his son, “Boy, send for the priest. I want to convert and have the Last Rites.”

    “What? But Father! How could you do such a thing?” cried the distraught young man.

    “Son, better they lose one of them than we lose one of us.”

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