stormy weather

slug, common or garden or ceiling 

So…it finally stopped raining.

And I have been waiting patiently for an hour as a…


makes its slow, patient way across my ceiling, occasionally looping downward on a connecting wall, although never down enough for me to take up arms, or at least stubby brooms, against it, then suctioning its painful, Sir Edmund Hilarious way back up, out of reach.

If it lets go and falls on my clean laundry, I think I may just have to kill myself.

Still, I guess it’s a step up from last year, when I had to pick mushrooms out of the carpet in my living room. I love my apartment: if I stay here long enough, eventually I’ll be able to farm salmon in the bathroom.

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20 thoughts on “stormy weather

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  2. “… salmon in the bathroom.”

    Reminds me of where I grew up, on the West coast of Nootka Island (West of Vancouver Island); I had to keep my bed away from the wall, because water dripped down it constantly. And the bed always felt damp, anyhow.

  3. Yeah, I had a place that was even worse than this once. If I could remember the name of the landlord I’d post it here: slugs squeezing through holes in the wall and dropping on my bed as I slept.

    There’s just nothing so icky and uncomfortable as relentless moisture, is there? Nootka Island is lovely, but yeah, this whole edge of the country is dampness itself.

  4. I’m so very happy that we had a whole day of sunshine. I’d almost forgotten what it was like.

  5. And it’s that soft kind of air as well, the kind that reminds you of summertime. If my ankle wasn’t swollen I’d be out there now, ricocheting off oblivious tourists on the wheelway.

  6. My ex boyfriend from back in the day used to date a narcoleptic call girl. It never occurred to me til now how bad that could be for business.

  7. SG, that’s quite a Spanish accent you have there!

    My mother had narcolepsy, actually. Weird disease, let’s just say that. Really weird.

    I have a swollen ankle from doing a hill run when my tendons weren’t ready for it. Now I have to take time off altogether and then only run on flats for a month or so. I knew better, too, so I’m putting this down as a self-imposed injury.

    Have I mentioned how nice it is to have the fire going? It’s lovely, and thank god we have a windstorm going, to dissipate the smoke so nobody can report me. I’m using one of those presto logs that doesn’t throw any sparks, so it’s safe.

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