quiz: what corset are you?

I can hardly wait to see what some of my more testosteronaceous readers get on this one.

Stolen from the theftworthy max.


What corset are you?


You’re a Victorian-era corset. How refined.
Take this quiz!




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17 thoughts on “quiz: what corset are you?

  1. Nope, but it IS fun. Stealination complete for now.

    Necromancer, we specialize in word inventionification around these parts!

    az, my my, won’t Nog be pleasantly surprised. Just remember to leave no marks if you want no awkward questions.

  2. There is a Civil War era corset. I felt all spiffy with Vicotrian till I found out I could have been Scarlet O’Hara.

  3. But she was so NOT about the corset if you think about it. I wonder if there’s a sister quiz: which chastity device are you? Because the answers to that one would be really hysterical.

  4. Well you should make a visually interesting couple at the next fetish party.

    Somewhere on EZboard there used to be a fetish site devoted to people wearing restrictive Victorian clothing. That’s all it was: a webcam in their house and they’d come home from work, put on Victorian clothing, make dinner, eat, and turn the lights out. That was IT. But the thing got thousands of hits a day.

    Maybe there’s a business model in it?

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