and this is your car on drugs

Somebody really wasn’t thinking straight when he tried to lead the cops on a cocaine-fueled high-speed chase. Surprisingly, this comes from the Netherlands, not the never-netherland of hillbilly territory. From the Daily Mail via Gawker.

this is your car on drugs

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17 thoughts on “and this is your car on drugs

  1. Don’t believe those daft fuckers at the Daily Mail. This is a crop circle. Translated into English the message reads “We will come to save your planet, but only if you get that twat Manilow to stop fucking singing.”

  2. Manilow will do anything for money. Please relay this information, Vicus. Obviously you have access to channels (no comment) that we Canuckistanis do not.

  3. The Marchioness of WitchH under B de la Z

    Your Grace

    The poor Dutch

    They’ve never recovered from the Anglo-Dutch wars of 1665 & 1672, despite a certain unpleasantness on the Medway (which is more than the French ever accomplished)

    That’s why so many of them have learned Englisch (after a fashion) and now live in Canada, having understandably by-passed Hampshire

    Would Vicus think dirrently if he were Mr Manilow’s accountannt ?

    Yr obedt servt etc

    G E

  4. You sure this wasn’t what happened after the cops discovered the pot plants between the rows?

    Y’know, that’s gonna be one hella corn maze come Hallowe’en. Perhaps they should get people out there in go-karts.

    (I don’t know how widespread the phenomenon of pre-emptively vandalizing your crop is. For those of you who may not be familiar with the idea, or who live in Iqaluit: )

  5. Setting aside the levity this druggie destroyed a crop and took a huge bite of the farmer’s income. I’m betting the farmer will not get compensation for what the druggie did, least of all, from the druggie himself.

  6. Her Grace Mlle R-Coaster Marchioness of W under B etc

    Your Grace

    I flatter myself that Metro & I agree on so many things, apart from politics, religion and spelling fo’c’s’les

    However :

    I do not move in Coke-Consuming society, but I have got the impression from somewhere, that most Druggists are rather patheric Kreatures, who go round making the rest of us miserable by stealing cars and burgling our Homes

    … because having expended their fortunes & smashed their Brains & Job Prospects in the Expensive & Compulsive Consumption of these wretched Substances, they need to get cash & entertainment from somewhere, but without the means to pay therefor

    Here in Inglaterra, one hears anecdotal tales of this anti-Christian Government, whose pleasure is :

    1. to over-tax our Pension Funds and everything else

    2.1 to spend vast sums of taxpayers’ money on superficial “secular” NHS drug-addiction programmes that have a minimal success rate

    while :

    2.2 taking away funding from “Religious” drug-addiction programmes that empirically have a significant success rate, in helping folk in a dreadful situation turn to a better life

    Yr Grace’s obedt servt etc

    G E

  7. Allow me to shatter your stereotypes.
    According to the best research, the derelict druggie who pulls B&Es to support his habit is in fact greatly in the minority. The majority of drug users are employed and middle-class. Even the majority of drug ADDICTS are not street people, but working for a living and dreaming of moving to a bigger house someday, etc etc.
    But there are no votes to be gained by pointing at the bourgeoisie and saying “It’s your fault!” so politicians don’t do that.

  8. Herr EGaLe:

    The true junkies who have to steal to live prey almost exclusively upon one another, taking from their peers what little they have. Rather more pathetic than breaking into Lexi for the change in the ashtrays, but the junkie thought process is inefficient.

    Drug-addled this driver may have been, but “addicted” by any reasonable definition? Possibly, but unless you apply the Robin Williams Tax Test (“Did you write off $300,000 for ‘snacks’? Bingo!”) how could you know?

    The person who did this clearly had no difficulty operating a car, and probably owned the vehicle concerned. So he was likely a functioning and productive member of society. He would not have been a candidate for rehab.

    Re. the which: Harm reduction seems to be a far better choice to start with. Yet oddly many churches can’t seem to support the distribution of opiates to the masses.

    Why don’t churches agree to run secular rehab programs–in the spirit of love and brotherhood and so on?–for those who don’t believe in a “higher power”? It makes as much sense as asking government to support faith-based enterprise.

    As to the claim that religious programs are more sucessful, I’d argue that in the long-term, no program is particularly successful, by the evidence. Of course, Scientology claims wonderful victories against addiction, but would you cast your tax dollars their way?

    Sorry, just jibing. I do feel you hit the nail on the head with the word “superficial”. A full and proper strategy, beginning with low-cost drugs administered in a clean environment by health professionals and progressing through to rehab and retraining is a better idea.

    But try getting Joe Middle-Class Recreational-Pot-Smoker/Binge Drinker/Occasional Coke Snorter to support such a program. There seems to be a Calvinist streak in many modern societies.

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