Someone’s going to be MADD at these guys

Now, is that a social media fail, or a marketing fail, or a just plain tragic any-way-you-look-at-it fail? Whatever it is, you just stay classy, Zimbabwe, you stay classy!

Cab or nay? Suave, it! No?

when I "go to there" I want to go in this

when I "go to there" I want to go in this

The second one in the lineup is what I take to get to here. And if the title makes no sense, try saying it out loud while imagining what I’m drinking while being driven around in that.

Trend Alert: Ghost Whipping!

Ghost riding: SO 2007! The new hotness: Ghost Whipping.

I’m not sure where the whipping comes into things, as there are no apparent signs of ghost abuse in the video; perhaps it refers to what your underwear does under these conditions?

Raj can gloat all he wants about his pimped-out ride, but does he have a sun roof? Sun floor? Sun doors? Sun hood?

You know my sweet ride is crazy insane, going walking pace hee-yah in da BIKE LANE!

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Get a Pair of New Tatas for Only Five Thousand Dollars!

What a deal! Normally, a nice new pair of these kinds of things costs several times as much, but thanks to the low manufacturing costs of India, as well as the savings inherent in the newly-fashionable, smaller-size units, these Tatas are a bargain at only $2500 apiece!

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Drives Like Carp. Ain’t dat da trout.

Andy Hazell

I know it rains a lot there, but this is entirely unnecessary, global warming or not. An Englishman with too much time on his hands, no aesthetic sense, and an apparent unawareness of the innumerable socializing opportunities afforded World of Warcraft enthusiasts and Star Trek fans, has converted his Vauxhall Corsa into a giant fish.

He said: “I get plenty of fishy looks from people, but I generally have a whale of a time with it…These days it seems that car makers love a slippery and aerodynamic design, so I thought to myself, a fish is the next step.

“The car has a hydraulic system fitted to it so it can swish its tail and open and close its mouth…”

In the past he has designed and made a life-size tractor that was made out of tin.

Around these parts, we just call that a Motomaster.