No Mystery about this!

Look, bitches, I don't wanna HEAR about Team Mike, okay?

Look, bitches, I don't wanna HEAR about Team Mike, okay?

Let’s hope this is the last time someone asks me why I like MST3K (translation for civilians: Mystery Science Theater 3000, a science fiction television series featuring {as you can read above} a janitor who was shot into space in the Satellite of Love by evil scientists who torture him with the worst B films they can possibly find, in retaliation for which he built a number of robots [not just Tom and Crow] who were far better company than simple mortals, come on, admit it, you’re not as funny as Crow; hell, you’re not even as funny as Gypsy unless you’ve got a couple of drinks in you).

And Joel was, like, so way better than Mike. Mike was a “special needs lacrosse player” in a janitor’s uniform.

Behold, perhaps the greatest episode of television ever committed to YouTube: the Mr B Natural Episode of Mystery Science Theater 3000:

THIS is why they’re called the Good Old Days

1966 Pictures, Images and Photos

Because they were freakin’ AWESOME, that’s why.

PS: Build your own Tardis.

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Octopus Studios in the hood

Octopus Studios: I’m not exactly sure who they are. I’m not exactly sure what they do. I am, however, 100% certain that they have the coolest logo on the Downtown EastSide, and thoughtful of them it was to put it only a couple of blocks from my house. They must know I’ve been busy lately.

Octopus Studios
Whoa! You don’t suppose this logo is literal? You don’t suppose they’re building levitating robotic giant octopi behind that bland cinder-block facade? This bears investigating. If you don’t hear from me in a week, send in the Calamari Wrestler!

She’s got a point

or two:

Wonderbra is bulletproof!

When fembots run out of bullets they’re still high calibre.

quiz: which Transformer are you?

I didn’t do too bad despite being too old young to remember much about the original series, and having had no interest whatsoever in watching the Giant Fucking Robots Movie.

Optimus Prime

Take the Transformers Quiz

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