No Mystery about this!

Look, bitches, I don't wanna HEAR about Team Mike, okay?

Look, bitches, I don't wanna HEAR about Team Mike, okay?

Let’s hope this is the last time someone asks me why I like MST3K (translation for civilians: Mystery Science Theater 3000, a science fiction television series featuring {as you can read above} a janitor who was shot into space in the Satellite of Love by evil scientists who torture him with the worst B films they can possibly find, in retaliation for which he built a number of robots [not just Tom and Crow] who were far better company than simple mortals, come on, admit it, you’re not as funny as Crow; hell, you’re not even as funny as Gypsy unless you’ve got a couple of drinks in you).

And Joel was, like, so way better than Mike. Mike was a “special needs lacrosse player” in a janitor’s uniform.

Behold, perhaps the greatest episode of television ever committed to YouTube: the Mr B Natural Episode of Mystery Science Theater 3000:

7 thoughts on “No Mystery about this!

  1. Team Joel!

    Also, Mr. B Natural is one of the most terrifying/hilarious things ever committed to film. What I loved most were the occasional callbacks to it they made over the years.

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