Cab or nay? Suave, it! No?

when I "go to there" I want to go in this

when I "go to there" I want to go in this

The second one in the lineup is what I take to get to here. And if the title makes no sense, try saying it out loud while imagining what I’m drinking while being driven around in that.

4 thoughts on “Cab or nay? Suave, it! No?

  1. Did I ever tell you the story about when we were driving in Italy and decided to pass the car in front of us and nearly got rear-ended by a Lamborghini that we never even saw coming up from behind? We were going 180km/hr. He, on the other hand, was flying!

    BTW-your gravatar hovercard is tres entertaining. :)

  2. Thank you. It used to be shorter, very odd. The last line says “Like that’s a bad thing”.

    No, you never told me that story. I can believe it. I’d love to go for a ride in one of those where there are no limits. You can’t really open those things up on Vancouver or mountain roads. I bet you could cross the Great Plains in an afternoon though.

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