Octopus Studios in the hood

Octopus Studios: I’m not exactly sure who they are. I’m not exactly sure what they do. I am, however, 100% certain that they have the coolest logo on the Downtown EastSide, and thoughtful of them it was to put it only a couple of blocks from my house. They must know I’ve been busy lately.

Octopus Studios
Whoa! You don’t suppose this logo is literal? You don’t suppose they’re building levitating robotic giant octopi behind that bland cinder-block facade? This bears investigating. If you don’t hear from me in a week, send in the Calamari Wrestler!

6 thoughts on “Octopus Studios in the hood

  1. As you’re into squids I thought I send you this link I came across recently. Hope you don’t know it yet.

    btw. your category widget in the sidebar is still broken.

    Cheers, Martin(IQ)

  2. I had to fix it on my own for my blog. I just reconfigured my category widget and saved the changes.

    Seems to be fixed after that. *keepsfingerscrossed*

    Cheers, Martin(IQ)

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