Squid and the killer commute

From the immortal Too Much Coffee Man:

TMCM squid commute

I hear ya; in fact, this is how I, myself, get to work every day. While it’s true I work in my livingroom, I believe that it’s critically important never to pass up the opportunity for an interstellar Squid express whenever it may present itself. If you take only one thing away from this blog, I hope it is that knowledge. Thank you!

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you can never step into the same River Street twice

Rollin' down the River Street

Behold the magnificence which is Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan’s River Street.

Often has it been said that Canadians are too literal-minded; most particularly often it has been said to my face, although there’s nothing about my face in particular or in whole which is literal-minded, and indeed quite often the parts migrate at will or vanish altogether and I’ll end up all ears, ferinstance.

Quite embarrassing, especially when they see me writing down everything they say.

But that is neither here nor there. And it’s certainly not in Moose Jaw, which is not all that far from everyone’s favorite Canadian place name: Head-Smashed-In-Buffalo-Jump.

So…have you been to Moose Jaw? Have you seen it? It’s not Paris, let me tell you. So, when the city fathers/mothers/foster parents put their heads together and wanted to do something uniquely Moose Jawian, they quite naturally phoned Germany and brought over artist Edgar Muller and his team to turn River Street into a painting of a river, reportedly the world’s largest 3-dimensional painting.

How proud they must be, eh?

So they not only paved Paradise: they gravened themselves an image of it and now walk all over it.

Jack Fucking Rebney, Master of the Universe

Feast your eyes upon perhaps the greatest fucking goddam motivational sales video in the fucking history of the goddam fucking internets, brought to you by Defamer.

Seriously, I’m thinking that Arthur Miller scripted it and it’s some rough cut of an unreleased “Death of a Winnebago Salesman” project. Wikipedia begs for the update

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UK news: how to get away with blowing up three cars in a huge fireball without being suspected of terrorism

UPDATE: see Big Bang Blogged Blindly for a full update of the REAL situation. That’s what I get for looking to the Sun for anything but tits.

It’s easy. Just look like Damien‘s little sister here:

Sarah Dean

Story from the Sun, paraphrased here to spare your virgin eyes from sight of the twisted perversions they call Journalism over the pond.

Oh, ho, ho! what a funny our little Sarah pulled! The love! Comely blonde Sarah Dean, who has a silly little job in the travel industry where she has access to passport numbers, passenger lists, flight plans, airport maps, etc, can’t afford posh transport and drives a VW, and we all know that anything lower than a Bentley is a beater, so it’s just nature’s way that the bally thing went and blew itself up [seems not] on June 29th, just one day before the discovery of the car bombs in London and two days before the SUV-based incendiary attack on Glasgow airport; why, the damn thing was in such rough shape that it erupted in what witnesses called “a fireball”[maybe they did and maybe they didn’t but it certainly doesn’t appear to have been a fireball], taking out itself completely, plus destroying the rather solidly-built Porsche sitting beside it, as well as the no-name car on the opposite side. [minor damage to the other two cars, and no explosion] Poor Sarah!

To be serious for a moment, either people with connections to the travel industry who happen to be blowing cars up in the UK are a risk or they are not. Either all such people should be investigated for connections to terrorism, or none should be. I have not the slightest idea of Sarah Dean is a hapless clerk or a terrorist mastermind, but then neither do you. Let this very weird, very peculiarily timed incident be fully investigated. Cars rarely blow up, especially German ones.

A friend of mine, not given to the wearing of tinfoil chapeaux, suggested an interesting explanation for all the virus outbreaks on cruise ships: someone was doing a dry run.

Glasgow suspect arrested

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and this is your car on drugs

Somebody really wasn’t thinking straight when he tried to lead the cops on a cocaine-fueled high-speed chase. Surprisingly, this comes from the Netherlands, not the never-netherland of hillbilly territory. From the Daily Mail via Gawker.

this is your car on drugs

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