Party On, Rude!

And fuck your manscaper too!

And fuck your manscaper too!

spend more time on your eyebrows bro

fuck you too

Those are the immortal words of the unnamed shutterbug behind my new favorite Tumblr, “FuckYouPartyPhotographer.”

In an effort to appear badass, and perhaps attempting to top their appearance on DouchebagsLoveGreyGoose, douches and douchettes all over the Vangroover club scene are begging someone to take their picture, only to flip them off when they do.

Yes, I said “Vangroover.” Never was a more perfect coinage minted, for that is where these people live: a strange, ill-lit land where everyone is desperate to give the impression they’re not actually from Surrey.

White Rock means never having to say you're Surrey, Simba

White Rock means never having to say you’re Surrey, Simba

Now, one man is striking back. One man, alone, armed with nothing more than an apparently eye-catching and high-quality photo rig, and a permanent place on the VIP list. And it is glorious.

Fuck you, Combover Boy

Fuck you, Combover Boy


who are you, Prince William, duke of assholes ;)

If you go out clubbing in this city and fly the colours for the party photographer, and the colours read “Fuck You,” you can be pretty sure that, sooner or later, you will end up on this Tumblr, and NO, he will not take it down.

What are you gonna do, swear at him?

PS I’m pretty sure that on a lot of those tongues flapped out, Miley-style, that bump isn’t a tongue stud, it’s HPV.

No F**king Way!

I am never, ever staying in this hotel room.

Oh sure, if you’ve got nothing to hide, why not stay in a glass bubble? I suggest those people be forced to stay in these rooms. But not glass bubbles; nobody wants to see the hair on their backs.

God Is Dead; Long Live …

Existential rage comic iz existential

Existential rage comic iz existential


It’s true: Fuck is now the most important word in the English language, and it’s all Nietzsche’s fault. Oh sure, blame Nietzsche. Jump on the bandwagon.

Here’s the late Osho (aka Chandra Mohan Jain aka Acharya Rajneesh aka Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh) explaining how the death of god has elevated this once-humble ejaculation to pre-eminent status.

The Greatest Holiday Movie of All Space and Time

A Very Depression (I MEAN RETRO) Christmas

A Very Depression (I MEAN RETRO) Christmas

One of the most heartwormy traditions of the holiday season is that of gathering the family ’round for some seasonal entertainment.

We at the ol’ raincoaster blog have our favorites for this time of year: A Charlie Brown Christmas, The Ref, and that greatest of holiday movies, In Bruges.

Why In Bruges? Take a look:

I don’t know what YOUR family Christmases are like, but this is pretty much what mine were always like.

The Importance of Being Guido

Snooki is the Rocking Horse Loser

Snooki is the Rocking Horse Loser

What do you get when you take two actors currently starring in The Importance of Being Earnest and give them transcripts from the Jersey Shore and instructions to stay in character?


via EmilyGracey

and part two:

Really? With TAMPONS???

and part three:

and part four:

Seriously, what IS it about grilled cheese that makes people like this?

and five:

You’re welcome.