The Importance of Being Guido

Snooki is the Rocking Horse Loser

Snooki is the Rocking Horse Loser

What do you get when you take two actors currently starring in The Importance of Being Earnest and give them transcripts from the Jersey Shore and instructions to stay in character?


via EmilyGracey

and part two:

Really? With TAMPONS???

and part three:

and part four:

Seriously, what IS it about grilled cheese that makes people like this?

and five:

You’re welcome.

11 thoughts on “The Importance of Being Guido

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  4. That was hilarious! I’ve never watched Jersey Shore, but I have seen a trailer, which was bad enough to make the eyes water. Unfortunately, the TV bods in the UK just had to go and make their own version. it’s called Geordie Shore (natch). I think it aired on MTV. The natives of Newcastle are shaking their heads in sorrow and shame.

  5. I heard of this Georgie Shore thing. Painful. Toronto had its own version, which apparently collapsed of un-ironic mortification shortly after launch, because let’s face it: it’s un-Torontonian to consider yourself fabulous.

  6. Our lads play rugby, which means they sometimes play against the toffs from the independent schools. Some of the toffs they played recently sounded remarkably like this: delivering post-modern phraseology with old-fashioned, up-market accents. :D

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