New Life Choices

Daphne blends in

Daphne blends in

When first one begins to make new life choices, there is only one place for an intrepid change-maker to start: self-analysis. And for quality self-analysis, I always turn to internet quizzes.

You Are Stalking

You tend to be very obsessive. Once you focus your attention on something or someone, it’s all you think about.
You are also very secretive. People don’t know much about the life that you lead.

You are attracted to weak people. You may want to prey on them, but you also may just want to help them.You need attention, and you can get desperate if you aren’t getting attention from the right person. You’ll do about anything to get noticed.

Check, check, check, and CHECK. That’s the hard part over with.

Next stop: the wardrobe department! As you can see from the GPOY at the top of the post, that’s all taken care of.

Sadly, the bottom has dropped out of the formerly-lucrative blackmail market. In a world currently enduring its sixth season of Jersey Shore, there is no market for shame whatsoever.

This leaves me with the unanswered critical question: how in hell do I make a living from this particular assortment of talents? I hate the thought of going into politics!

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