UK news: how to get away with blowing up three cars in a huge fireball without being suspected of terrorism

UPDATE: see Big Bang Blogged Blindly for a full update of the REAL situation. That’s what I get for looking to the Sun for anything but tits.

It’s easy. Just look like Damien‘s little sister here:

Sarah Dean

Story from the Sun, paraphrased here to spare your virgin eyes from sight of the twisted perversions they call Journalism over the pond.

Oh, ho, ho! what a funny our little Sarah pulled! The love! Comely blonde Sarah Dean, who has a silly little job in the travel industry where she has access to passport numbers, passenger lists, flight plans, airport maps, etc, can’t afford posh transport and drives a VW, and we all know that anything lower than a Bentley is a beater, so it’s just nature’s way that the bally thing went and blew itself up [seems not] on June 29th, just one day before the discovery of the car bombs in London and two days before the SUV-based incendiary attack on Glasgow airport; why, the damn thing was in such rough shape that it erupted in what witnesses called “a fireball”[maybe they did and maybe they didn’t but it certainly doesn’t appear to have been a fireball], taking out itself completely, plus destroying the rather solidly-built Porsche sitting beside it, as well as the no-name car on the opposite side. [minor damage to the other two cars, and no explosion] Poor Sarah!

To be serious for a moment, either people with connections to the travel industry who happen to be blowing cars up in the UK are a risk or they are not. Either all such people should be investigated for connections to terrorism, or none should be. I have not the slightest idea of Sarah Dean is a hapless clerk or a terrorist mastermind, but then neither do you. Let this very weird, very peculiarily timed incident be fully investigated. Cars rarely blow up, especially German ones.

A friend of mine, not given to the wearing of tinfoil chapeaux, suggested an interesting explanation for all the virus outbreaks on cruise ships: someone was doing a dry run.

Glasgow suspect arrested

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