quiz: which hitman are you?

For max, because I couldn’t find a La Femme Nikita quiz. Maybe because she kept killing all the other characters?

Which hitman are you?


You are Vincent Vega.The coolest hitman of all time.Your style is almost as important as your work ethic. You arent afraid to question authority. But your smart enough to keep your mouth shut. You are the coolest motherfucker this side of Memphis!
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23 thoughts on “quiz: which hitman are you?

  1. Yay! A quiz for Max!


    Back up.

    “You are Leon the Professional. You are a true professional. But you have a soft side that can get you into trouble. You are caring and loyal.”

    I do not have to look like Leon, do I?

  2. You are Leon the Professional.
    You are a true professional. But you have a soft side that can get you into trouble.
    You are caring and loyal.

    C’est moi…

  3. I haven’t watched enough movies. I was totally expecting to be that guy in whatwasit where Mimi Rogers hired somebody to shoot her? I’m all about the existential dilemmas lately.

    No, you do not have to look like Leon. But you could do worse. Carlos the Jackal had a very Seventies leisure suit collection.

  4. “Could do worse” have never been cheering words for me. Like, Sure, it could always be worse, but what happened to it could be better?

    Leisure suits, aaaahh!

    Oh hey there is a Nikita quiz. It is Nikita TV quiz, not Nikita French movie or Nikita Hollywood movie quiz but it still rocks because I came out Nikita. Yay!

    I will post it.

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  6. Oh there have to be so many kills we do not have to compete we are just frazzled keeping up and trading off.

    Also, where is the follow up on cute guy at the gym who is not married?

  7. You are Chuck Barris.
    TV’s beloved goofball host by day and a deadly hitman by night.
    You have the ability to make people laugh, and then kill them. You have a creative mind and a good sense of humor!

    Exactly who I was aiming for, as it were.

  8. You are Jules Winfield.
    The original Badass Motherfucker!
    You quote the bible before you kill a man. You make great relationships. And are good in adverse situations.

    101 other people got this result!
    This quiz has been taken 980 times.
    11% of people had this result.

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