in Socialist Canuckistan, gravy beats YOU!

Canadian Flour Well, I knew this about Canadian beer, but never about Canadian flour.

Apparently, our four is so strong it comes with a warning. This brings up several questions:

  • Should pregnant women can our cookies?
  • Should those about to operate heavy machinery dump our dumplings?
  • Should drivers spurn our scones?
  • Should you be 18 or over and able to produce ID before enjoying the sublime pleasure of snarfing our cupcakes?

Or, much as our booze cautions apply largely to American tourists, do these warnings only apply to the British?

The scientific background, from inkycircus:

see the flour milled from wheat grown here in the UK is weak, meaning it is low in the protein gluten… all in all, lots of gluten makes for a good loaf. and the wheat comin’ outta the canadian breadbasket (our prairie provinces of Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba) is STRONG.

Strong like tractor!

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26 thoughts on “in Socialist Canuckistan, gravy beats YOU!

  1. I wonder if we can get some of that good stuff down here south of the border. I could use a power scone. Know of any flour-smuggling operations?

  2. CSIS come in two’s: good cop and bad cop, male cop and female cop.
    They also have been known to flip veggie burgers undercover at La Quena…

  3. I’ve never actually seen a female CSISer, and my godfather was one of the founding VPs of CSIS. Maybe the females are just better at this whole undercover thing. The concept of a cop flipping veggie burgers while spying for the panopticon is just hilarious.

  4. While they were spying (I mean, flipping veggie burgers) they were attempting to incite environmental activists to commit arson on a phony bear gallbladder processing plant. See for an interesting story…

  5. Makes sense. When I worked at Greenpeace we’d get these invitations from weird groups to do violent actions or riots, and it was always the same emails…I also figured that the government was behind a lot of the pointless rallys of the week, to give people an outlet for their desire to bring change…without actually CHANGING anything.

  6. I was in a punkrock band once, and we were behind pointless rallys (gigs), to give people an outlet for their desire to drink beer…and that band was Strong Like Tractor.
    After a gig in Winnipeg one night, I vaguely remember wearing a magenta prom dress lent to me by a six-foot tall employee of the Manitoba Wheat Board. I awoke, glutened to her couch.

  7. Aw, that’s cool. Strong Like Tractor really was a great band. But I can only imagine what a life of Winnipeg glutination combined with beer-fueled cross-dressing must have done to your liver.

  8. Thank you for your concern, but the liver is the only organ that can regenerate itself. It also doesn’t show any signs of damage until it is mostly destroyed. But now that I have studied Traditional Chinese Medicine, I have restored my liver to showroom status? Wanna buy one?

  9. I think you’ll be alright, gin is a health tonic compared to most alcohol. It has twigs AND berries! Clear liquors (vodka & gin) seem to be easier on the system; I learned this watching wealthy alcoholics.

  10. I used to bartend at UVic, there were some well-monied academics there. I don’t rub elbows with the well-to-do anymore, since I stopped drinking and started puffing. I am convinced there are few good men left in Vancouver, and I wish you the best of luck finding them. (Try the library…when the strike is over!)

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