Fox News: not exactly rocket scientists

or they’d have recognized this as the breakup of a Soyuz rocket over Denver, as opposed to the bullshit astronomical phenomenon they Googled in the last five minutes before air. You must listen to all the meaningless jabber that spews from this gibbering idiot. You can practically hear the marbles clacking in the vast emptiness of cranium.

…it’s amazing to me that the new anchors reporting this have no clue about what they are talking about. Extinct constellation? Quandrant-Tits? WFT?

Update! Turns out it wasn’t a meteor at all!

DENVER FIREBALL: Something from space disintegrated over Denver, Colorado, this morning around 6:20 am MST (1320 UT). Witnesses describe it as “brilliant, slow, twinkling, sparkly and full of rainbow colors.” It was not a meteor. The fireball was the decaying body of a Soyuz U rocket that launched the French COROT space telescope on Dec. 27th. The re-entry caused no damage on the ground–just a beautiful display in the sky.

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6 thoughts on “Fox News: not exactly rocket scientists

  1. I’d like to see the pretty patterns these airheads make upon re-entry to the atmosphere. Can we tape them to the belly of the Space Shuttle and just get this done?

  2. Even for Fox, this is a low point.

    Maybe we can talk them into catching the Space Shuttle as it comes down. I bet they’d go for it. What a great way to show your blind, robotic patriotism…without going to Iraq!

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