The Dairy Continuum

Camel cheese does not relate to this in any way, shape or form; to repeat, this has nothing whatsoever to do with camel cheese.Cheese diaries

Now, I’m not sure where this comes from. It could be something I vaguely remembered from a PJ O’Rourke book, from back when he was funny. That would put it in the mid Eighties, I think. Or it could be something I read in an Eighteenth Century French manuscript, or maybe Cotton Mather. Then again, perhaps cave inscriptions…who knows?

All I know is, dairy is immortal. It simply mutates into more expensive forms of dairy.

  • Spoiled milk is buttermilk
  • spoiled buttermilk is yogurt
  • spoiled yogurt is cottage cheese
  • spoiled cottage cheese is cream cheese
  • spoiled cream cheese is … cheese
  • spoiled cheese is … more expensive cheese
  • and so on…

This makes total sense to me, if not to my clean-living roomie.

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6 thoughts on “The Dairy Continuum

  1. real buttermilk is not sour. that’s a change that dairies created for who knows what reason. you don’t make butter with sour milk, you make it with sweet milk. churning the milk doesn’t make the milk sour, it causes the fats to gather together. if you beat whipping cream too long, you’ll make butter. unless you add salt, it’s sweet butter and any leftover liquid from that will not be sour.

  2. Ya, ya, but you’ll note that butter is nowhere in this dairy continuum. We do not allow butterblogging around these parts, missy!

    And now that I’m living with an evangelistic vegan, I have like ZERO tolerance for tangential food lectures. Dairy plus germs equals more expensive dairy. Simple as that.

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