quiz: which 19th Century literary heroine are you?

I thought I took this before, but couldn’t find it. And who ELSE would I be?

Greer Garson as Elizabeth Bennet

Which Early 19th Century Literary Heroine Are You?


You are Elizabeth Bennet from Jane Austen’s fabulous book “Pride and Prejudice.” Elizabeth is witty, vivacious, smart, funny, beautiful, and all together amazing. However, she lets her pride get in the way of several things that could make her happy. But that is canceled out by her realization of this and her subsequent humility, which makes her even more perfect.
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28 thoughts on “quiz: which 19th Century literary heroine are you?

  1. I’m Elizabeth Bennet too. Hard to imagine her on Pluto wearing a vinyl corset while sipping sauvignon blanc and eating a club sandwich, and meanwhile using her invisibility superpower to slip down a rabbit hole unnoticed …

    I dunno, reckon I’ve been taking too many of these quizzes?

  2. You are Mary Anne Dashwood, from Jane Austen’s incredible book “Sense and Sensibility.” Mary Anne is lovely and unspoiled, but she leads herself to heartbreak with her unfailing belief in the chivalry and romances of Shakespeare. She is bright, sweet, artistic and musical, passionate, and slightly naive.

  3. I came out Mary Anne Dashwood as well.

    Hoo boy it has been a long time since I read that book now I have to go look her up she is not the goofball who kept falling in love with people who had crushes on others is she? That would be traumatic.

  4. Ah. The sister who kept wandering into rainstorms and falling down.

    I should be scared that is not as inaccurate as I would like it to be.

  5. Well at least you live in LA where there’s a rainstorm about every ten years. Just avoid “LA Confidential” situations and you should be fine. Russel Crowe is nothing but trouble!

  6. Oh L.A. gets torrential rainstorms. Rain storms here are so severe houses fall off cliffs and other houses sink under mud slides and I have literally had to wade through a foot of water crossing a street before here.

    We are sort of like the anti-Seattle. Seattle has a rep for always raining when it really does not and even when it does that is mostly misty not real rain, and we have a rep for it never raining when it does seriously rain here like wrath of God rain not any silly old mist like Seattle “rain.”

  7. Yes but this is not a problem for you you are not prone to wander off into rainstorms in inappropriate attire and fall and lie about with a sprained ankle it could be life threatening to me.

  8. Yes but the whole lifethreatening rain thing is much closer to my own heart, given that I had mushrooms growing out of my livingroom last winter and GOD for all you know you’re the last bastion against fungus and the ever-encroaching tentacles of the frozen veldt…

    If the polar bears die, max, it will be your fault.

  9. Brightfeather/Max

    … errr … Marianne Dashwood …. is Max finking of Harriet in Emma …..

    and this is all very disIllusioning – is this the American Way ….

    – there was Moi imagining that our freond Senor FFE (albeit a erudite young man of taste & discrimination) had £10,000 a year so that he could afford to turn his back on his natural RepubliKan roots to denounce the Spiritual Progeny of the Imperialist Pitt the Elder/Teddy Roosevelt and sort out wRetches like the colourful Wickam or Willoughby

    …. rather than coming from the impoverished over-taxed middle class, living off a Family Income of a mere £500 a year (ie £10,000 invested in 5% Consols (Government Stocks]) ….

    Das ist es, doch [errgh – this is it, i’n’it]

    Yr Grace’s obedt servt etc

    G Eagle

  10. Max

    It’s not that Polar Bear whom you touched not that we worry about …. nor all FFE’s US-Resident Federally-Protected Coke-Bears living off Cola-advertisement royalties …. it’s all those other Polar Bears, especially Aerchie’s Polar Drop-Bears trying to evolve into a suitable Niche in Austraaaliaaa

    G E

  11. @Max:
    “… you are not prone to wander off into rainstorms in inappropriate attire and fall and lie about with a sprained ankle.”

    You have as yet not met Raincoaster in person, have you? Though she always struck me more as Bertha Mason.

    I turned out to be Dashwood also.

  12. Indeed we do. I was supposed to go over to Metro’s and hang about in the high desert for awhile, but the fundage, as usual, fell through. By next month all should be a lot more stable (except, of course, me).

  13. Following Mr Darcy muttering under his breath, upon hearing that Lydia had eloped with the wRetch Wickham

    “I’m shocked, grieved, grieved indeed”

    that Mrs Noggin should reproach an Eagle for (yet again) going off-topic

    and which Dashwood is R-C talking about … surely not John …. although he had his cash-flow problems, reconciling his conscience to buying a neighbouring farm

  14. Pingback: i have so solved global warming « celluloid blonde

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