your thirty second raincoaster update

Here’s the update on the fight situation:

  • No charges laid
  • perp kept in handcuffs on the corner of the busiest street in Canada for an hour
  • perp peed herself in front of a thousand people because of above
  • perp got the shit kicked out of her and was thrown/punched/kicked into traffic repeatedly by the victim
  • victim reports the following aftereffects:
    • a small bruise on the end of my left eyebrow
    • a small scab on my right ear
    • two bruises on my right arm from where she grabbed me
    • a BIG bruise on my left leg where I went to roundhouse kick her and the damn building got in the way
    • all my knuckles were bruised, from punching her. I can only IMAGINE what her face looked like all last week…it must have been quite a sight, if my knuckles were that bruised.

    Conclusion: Well worth it.

9 thoughts on “your thirty second raincoaster update

  1. Thanks. And a better conclusion couldn’t be hoped for; unless it’s a blog comment from her saying she’d stopped getting drunk on streetcorners and getting into fights, which is the hopedfor outcome.

  2. It was indeed an awesome story. Glad I read the long version first.

    And dude, as I think I mentioned before, I live in the DTES too, at the northeast corner of Cambie and Hastings – LITERALLY next to the Woodwards’ pit.

    I really need to Shebeen it up with you some time.

    Walk tall, neighbour. And yay for impossibly thick fall magazines!

  3. I’ve always wanted to be able to roundhouse kick. I’d like to kick the shit out of… there’s a list. Well done and glad you’re ok.

  4. I’m truly glad you are recovering physically but, without doubt, violence does another kind of number to us that we can live better without. I’m sending you a BIG HUG.

  5. I have long held the theory that it’s best to take out urban rage on those people who generate it in us, otherwise it’ll just get dumped all over the innocent.

    I have actually seen the trio twice since then, and they’ve been perfectly well-behaved each time, although it did once sound like someone was accusing someone else of losing her drugs…but frankly, I think they were so drunk they wouldn’t recognize me, never mind all the zombie makeup.

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