Sacred Heart of Octopus

Sacred heart of octopus

The world is full of sacred heart of tentacle images. Wasn’t the sacred heart of tentacle a full chapter in John Dee’s book? I’m pretty sure it’s one of the major arcana at least.

Hey, that reminds me…is there a Cthulhu tarot deck?

UPDATE: forgot to say that this marvelous image, from the Ben Lawson gallery, was emailed to me by MasterCowfish. To enjoy similar linkie luv for your own blog during raincoaster’s Internet Interruptus period, simply email blog fodder to raincoaster at gmail dot com, as my time is rather severely limited lately and I’m needing all the help I can get until internet access is restored to raincoaster global headquarters.

8 thoughts on “Sacred Heart of Octopus

  1. Trippy. The image and your mention of Dee, the great Elizabethan magus, makes me think of that other genius of the era, the physician William Harvey. The organic, dripping sacred heart became little more that a predictable, regular pump when he was done with it. Mechanists, man.

  2. I think that is truly beautiful. If I created something like that (which I probably couldn’t but would love to) I’d probably call it Heart of the ocean.

    There is really something very compelling about it. I’m off to check out more of this guy Ben lawson.

    Hey! Try to enjoy your down time. I know its hard, but I’ll hang on here somehow till you’re back up to speed ;)

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