Blogger’s Union Strike!

If it can happen to the WGA, it could happen here. Thinkaboudit. WWMD?

via Matt


One thought on “Blogger’s Union Strike!

  1. Mumble sonorous platitudes, for they impress spiritual yokels and uncouth persons. Generalise; add lavish effects, never appear on your blog in pyjamas; speak the queen’s english – invite queens to guest on your blog. Suffer fools gladly: fools have tutored wiser heads than yours. Practice sonorous platytudes like the preceeding; define platytude; define platipus; interchange your ‘y’s and ‘i’s; this is a free country – spell any way you like.

    When Daniel Boone goes riding by
    the phantom deer arise
    and all lost, wild America
    is burning in their eyes.

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