quiz: which Star Trek species are you?

Yeah, baby! Boneheaded spelling errors aside, this quiz has nailed it! I’m teh kewlest!

What Star Trek Species Are You?

created with QuizFarm.com

You scored as RomulanYou Are Romulan, You enjoy structure as long as you’re on top. You sit and wait for people to tell you something. But you are very conceited. You’d rather be with yourself then with your friends, You never know when they’ll stab you in the back.


Stolen from museditions

29 thoughts on “quiz: which Star Trek species are you?

  1. Not at all surprising for me.

    You scored as a Vulcan

    You Are Vulcan, You prefer to be alone and learn. You rarely show people what you are feeling. You understand that things take time. Safety is something that usally passes your mind, but you don’t always follow it

  2. Yes, if I were… uh…Betamax? whatever that empath is, I’d say this may be the most accurate quiz yet on the ol’ raincoaster blog. So far, so good! But az is generally the test.

  3. Hmm.

    You scored as a Borg
    You Are Borg, You would rather over run your enemies instead of overpowering them. You take knowledge instead of learning. You need help decideing but are upfront when forced. Conquest is everything after perfection.

  4. Ooooh, something for my not so much inner geek.

    You Are The Federation, You prefer to be alone and learn. You enjoy helping people and know how to talk things up. You would help people into the spotlight before yourself
    Romulan 60%
    Federation 60%
    Borg 55%
    Dominion 45%
    Vulcan 45%
    Ferengi 40%
    Klingon 35%
    Cardassian 20%

    I’m not too sure how Romulan came out above Federation as my tie breaker was about sneaking behind people’s backs or talking to resolve conflict and I chose talking…

    The Dominion are cool, they’re this uber bad gamma quadrant group having war with the akpha quadrant series 3-7 of Deep Space Nine.

    Yes, I’m a Star Trek geek…

  5. Borg, max? Is there something you’re not telling us? You ARE, however, quite assimilated; perhaps that’s the key?

    Cat: I’ve not watched DS9. It hurt too much; I barely watched NG. For me, it’s all about the Kirk and the Spock and the “Captain, the engines canna taek it!”

  6. Nah, I can’t stand the original one. I guess I just really, really dislike William Shattner. Though his spoken word stuff was funny. And he’s quite good in Boston Legal… Well, I dislike him as Kirk!

    TNG is ok, the later series are good, but for me it’ll always be Voyager/DS9.

  7. Rain, please delete retarded redundant answer from me. I’m PMSing.

    And please leave – yes, Eastern Promises! Saw it, damn rewind wouldn’t work on the DVD remote so I couldn’t get an eyeful of the goodies again! Argh! Excellent flick, though.

  8. Yes, SG, I’d have put money on you being a Romulan. Very odd, you’re being Federation.

    Why was Viggo in Chainsaw II: Leatherface? Because the family needed someone to lure the preppies into the woods…and fry them up afterwards. He looks so cute in his little pink apron and tight 80’s jeans!

  9. I shall never be able to look at Viggo again without thinking of the Raincoaster.

    During the whole viewing of Eastern Promises, I thought of Rain.

    During the full frontal semi nut shots in the spa scene, I thought of Rain.

    During the one brief love scene I thought of Rain.

    You have branded a good man!

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