It’s snowing, YAY!

That is all.

13 thoughts on “It’s snowing, YAY!

  1. Yes, but now it’s snow again. And New Westminster is a rollercoaster of ice. Fortunately, the house that I am a-sitting has a lovely brick fireplace. I shall read ghost stories by firelight tonight.

  2. Uh, better you than me.

    I’m now in the hinterlands of BC and it’s so cold that on the ride up, we could hear the outside of the bus become brittle. Snow is everywhere, including on my backpack.

  3. Dear Jeremy


    We’re all Doomed

    It seems the Gulf Stream is now failing to warm Nantucket Sound

    – it will freeze British Cornflakes & intensify the Banking Crisis, if this failure extends to the Channel Approaches

    Yours ever

    G Eagle

  4. You are so lucky. Here in Washington we are teased mercilessly with the promise of snow. But they never deliver. All we are left with is frigid.

    Sort of like our men.

  5. I did let it snow, until thesacredpath said in the forums that it slowed down his souped-up computer. I don’t want anything interfering with proper enjoyment of the blog!

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