Binocular Soccer

Most sports, I find, don’t particularly interest me. Even quiddich. Which I note is not in the spellchecker…surely it should be? But then, apparently, neither is “spellchecker.”

Sports. I was talking about sports. The ways to make a sport interesting to me are either put horses in it, play it on ice, or inject a note of mortal peril or demented humour. Padding a battalion of guys with mattresses over every inch of their bodies and making them throw a ball around is NOT how to do it.

This is how to do it:

stolen from with malice

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6 thoughts on “Binocular Soccer

  1. I can’t believe they didn’t show the binoc-goalie! I’m pretty sure even trying to pantomime goaltending with binocs on should be filed in the medical dictionary under “instant migraine.”

    On the plus side, it would be pretty funny to see Zidane running around the field with binoculars strapped to his face trying to figure out who insulted him so he could administer the headbutting!

  2. What do you mean? Beckham has been the face of English football for quite some time, but he certainly wasn’t the philosopher of Old Trafford when he was there. He’d look just fine with binoculars stuck to his butt. ;)

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