Comment o’ the Day: it’s ME! And Johnny Weir!

Yet again, over on Gawker (which has discontinued their Comment of the Day program, alas) I brought my A Game – strange, isn’t it, how one’s A Game slips away from one when one is preoccupied with things like locking down food and shelter; now that I have both, plus spending money, the mots, they are bon indeed! – and managed a remark to be proud of for once, instead of dreading clicking the “See All” on Kinja notifications.

Me and my munchkin @taralipinski with the legendary Richie Sambora.

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raincoaster: That is glorious. Millinery without ambition is just outerwear.

Always nice to pick up some compliments, even if recent events have me looking askance and asking myself if someone is trolling me.

You are a poet for our generation.

You madam are a treasure in this place. Please never stop commenting. Where did you learn to write? What books/publications/journals do you read?

I’m blushing! As for what do I read, I generally read Gawker. When I have time, which isn’t lately, I read Joan Didion, Damon Runyon, the Father Christmas stories of GK Chesterton, old ghost stories, Fast Company magazine, Maisonneuve, McSweeney’s, and the New Yorker.

Read those (and write a celebrity fashion blog for six straight years) and you too can create snappy celebrity fashion captions just like raincoaster!


Snow Doge saves Jamaican Bobsled Team

Snow Doge very feels

Snow Doge very feels

I’d better get started on a screenplay, because this is the most perfect straight-to-the-big-screen story I’ve heard in simply ages.

The Dogecoin Foundation, an actual charitable foundation based around a satirical cryptocurrency named after an actual dog meme, yes, really, has come to the rescue of the actual Jamaican Bobsled Team, who are actually going to be in the Olympics again.

IF they can ever get there.

The Jamaican Bobsled Team, who are actually called The Jamaican Bobsleigh Team because, I dunno, it’s cuter? have qualified to compete in the Sochi Winter Olympics that start next month in Russia. They are the team made famous by the John Candy movie Cool Runnings, the fictionalized story of how they made it to their first Olympics, back in 1988.

Money has always been as scarce with the team as snow in Jamaica, but this time it’s the Interwebs to the Rescue!

A Crowdtilt fundraiser has gathered more than $20,000 towards the costs of competition (travel, support for families back home, etc) and now the internet’s favorite Shiba Inu gallops in with a shocking $30,778 raised in just 24 hours.

The name of their fundraising site? Dogesled.

Of course.

Snow Doge says: very funds. So Olympics. Wow.

Snow Doge says: very funds. So Olympics. Wow.

Happy Batshit Holidays

A couple of years ago, it was the year of Merry Fucking Christmas; this year, it appears to be more along the lines of WTF Christmas. For examples of what Batshit Insane holidays look like, see the following trio of videos.

JP Auclair demonstrates “urban skiing” in Trail, BC.

Remi Gaillard demonstrates “batshit insane” in the south of France.

And finally, some wholesome, and completely batshit insane, heliskiers falling down mountains in the forest of the BC interior.

In Autumn, the Leafs start falling

and they KEEP falling…right till they’re eliminated from the playoffs.

The Leafs Suck

The Leafs Suck

Worst part is, they didn’t even have to change out of their kilts and Hello Kitty backpacks to do it.

Escape from Vancouver Unicorn Chaser links

Vancouver Riots in Lego by Kimli

Vancouver Riots in Lego by Kimli

I guess you could say that’s looking on the bright side. Turning riots into art is a very 21st Century response.

Speaking of art, here is Lani Russworm’s amazing shot of the smoke rising from Downtown. It gives you some perspective on what this riot is doing to our city, and what kind of  city it is.

Vancouver tonight. And how was YOUR evening?

Vancouver tonight. And how was YOUR evening?

I dunno if you’ve been following sports tonight, but I can’t say as it brings me much joy to be in Vangroover tonight: neither because of the loss nor because of the dumbass riots. Yes, we have Ed Hardy-wearing douchebags here, too.

Vancouver Fuck Calm

Vancouver Fuck Calm

So, if you could use a Unicorn Chaser too, here are a lovely roundup of brain-soothing landscapes. Let your imagination pick one and drift away, possibly with the aid of a stiff cocktail or eight.

Manége de l'Hotel de Ville, Paris 1er, France

Manége de l'Hotel de Ville, Paris 1er, France by Gaston Bastini

Sure, t could be considered childish, and you’re just going round in circles, but the view is fabulous and the company charming and decorative.

Or if you’d like to opt out of adulthood altogether, there’s always this perennial favorite:

I only want a one way ticket

I only want a one way ticket

A one-way ticket will be just fine, thank you.

Treehouse of the Elder Gods

Treehouse of the Elder Gods

I think this is where Julian Assange and I will live once he’s paroled. If these cedars are rockin’, don’t come knockin’.

And finally, I’ll let you in on my retirement plans. Screw Florida!

Goodbye, Cruel World! Hello New, Improved World!

Goodbye, Cruel World! Hello New, Improved World!

It’s true: I’d dump Assange in a Cair Paravel minute if Caspian would give me the time of day.

Sigh. There, feel better? Good. Now let’s read some trivia celebrity gossip links and forget all about those nasty, nasty uni-ball-having, hockey-not-playing rioting protoplasms.

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