Comment o’ the Day: it’s ME! And Johnny Weir!

Yet again, over on Gawker (which has discontinued their Comment of the Day program, alas) I brought my A Game – strange, isn’t it, how one’s A Game slips away from one when one is preoccupied with things like locking down food and shelter; now that I have both, plus spending money, the mots, they are bon indeed! – and managed a remark to be proud of for once, instead of dreading clicking the “See All” on Kinja notifications.

raincoaster: That is glorious. Millinery without ambition is just outerwear.

Always nice to pick up some compliments, even if recent events have me looking askance and asking myself if someone is trolling me.

You are a poet for our generation.

You madam are a treasure in this place. Please never stop commenting. Where did you learn to write? What books/publications/journals do you read?

I’m blushing! As for what do I read, I generally read Gawker. When I have time, which isn’t lately, I read Joan Didion, Damon Runyon, the Father Christmas stories of GK Chesterton, old ghost stories, Fast Company magazine, Maisonneuve, McSweeney’s, and the New Yorker.

Read those (and write a celebrity fashion blog for six straight years) and you too can create snappy celebrity fashion captions just like raincoaster!

The Jamaican Bobsled Team: 30th in the Olympics, 1st in our hearts

Jamaican Bobsled Team shoots the moon

Jamaican Bobsled Team shoots the moon

Some people only aim as high as the podium. Some tawdry, conventional people.

The members of the Jamaican Bobsleigh Team are not such people.

As we have written elsewhere, they are living their Olympic dreams in part because of the backing of a satirical cryptocurrency named after a faddish pet meme. Now they have released the best song and music video of the 2014 Sochi Olympic Games (unless the fabulous Johnny Weir wants to record something, of course). With a score to date of almost three quarter of a million plays in five days, this is definitely a winning performance.

Is it just me, or do those hands look like…not-hands, if you know what I mean?


Snow Doge saves Jamaican Bobsled Team

Snow Doge very feels

Snow Doge very feels

I’d better get started on a screenplay, because this is the most perfect straight-to-the-big-screen story I’ve heard in simply ages.

The Dogecoin Foundation, an actual charitable foundation based around a satirical cryptocurrency named after an actual dog meme, yes, really, has come to the rescue of the actual Jamaican Bobsled Team, who are actually going to be in the Olympics again.

IF they can ever get there.

The Jamaican Bobsled Team, who are actually called The Jamaican Bobsleigh Team because, I dunno, it’s cuter? have qualified to compete in the Sochi Winter Olympics that start next month in Russia. They are the team made famous by the John Candy movie Cool Runnings, the fictionalized story of how they made it to their first Olympics, back in 1988.

Money has always been as scarce with the team as snow in Jamaica, but this time it’s the Interwebs to the Rescue!

A Crowdtilt fundraiser has gathered more than $20,000 towards the costs of competition (travel, support for families back home, etc) and now the internet’s favorite Shiba Inu gallops in with a shocking $30,778 raised in just 24 hours.

The name of their fundraising site? Dogesled.

Of course.

Snow Doge says: very funds. So Olympics. Wow.

Snow Doge says: very funds. So Olympics. Wow.

Olympic Demonstration Sports 2012: Cat Bowling

cat bowl

Image by dotpolka via Flickr

Since the Vancouver Winter Olympics wrapped, everyone has been looking forward to the Summer Olympics to be held in London in 2012. One of the most exciting aspects of any Olympics is the small list of as-yet-unapproved sports on trial runs as Exhibition sports; if they pass the audition, they may be blessed by the Olympic Committee Fairies and grow up to become Real Olympic Sports.

The greatest of these is Cat Bowling. BEHOLD.

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Be a Movie Producer!

or look just like one…

Oh god, not ANOTHER one!

Oh god, not ANOTHER one!

No, it’s true: this is a plan to enable you to put “movie producer” on your business card, which will come in handy on a Friday at the clubs, if no-where else. Actually, it will count for something with the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, who will allow any actual credited producer to purchase a ticket to the Academy Awards, better known as the Oscars.

Come to think of it, I’ve got a friend who’s always wanted to go. Hmmmm…

Allow me to introduce With Glowing Hearts, the motion picture:

So far, so awww, right? Yes, it’s an inspirational documentary, perhaps the least likely to be commercially successful genre of film in filmdom. How can you become a producer of this acclaimed-but-so-far-unreleased soon-to-be-classic? Easy; everybody knows there’s one way to become a producer.

You come up with the money.

In this case, you can come up with amounts as small as a Toonie:

Making a film costs money, and although we’ve done a great job at keeping our costs down there are certain expenses which are unavoidable. That’s why from now, until the middle of August, we’re running our Toonie and Tweet Torch Relay to help get us to the finish line and to get your name in the credits.  Starting with a minimum contribution of $2, “producers” can have their name published in a word cloud that will appear in the film’s credit roll and on this site. Increasing your contribution will increase the size of your name in the cloud.

All money collected will go directly towards costs related to finishing and distributing the film like insurance, music rights, and salaries for the great people who have been working on the film with us.  Just click on the Chip-In widget to the right and follow the instructions to use either your PayPal account or credit card, note that transactions are conducted in US dollars but will be converted to your local currency on your bill.  The name that is associated with your PayPal account is the same that will be used for the credits, if you would like a different name to appear in the credits please indicate that under “special instructions for vendor” on the “Review your payment” page.

Sure, it says mid-August, but if you ask nicely you’ll probably find there’s always room for more money (though perhaps it will need more zeros after the 2). Go on, haven’t you always wanted to be a Hollywood big shot? I hear Clooney is breaking up with his latest bimbette, so if you’re a brunette and you can get him good and drunk at the Vanity Fair afterparty, you’ve probably got a shot.

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