Comment o’ the Day: it’s ME! And Johnny Weir!

Yet again, over on Gawker (which has discontinued their Comment of the Day program, alas) I brought my A Game – strange, isn’t it, how one’s A Game slips away from one when one is preoccupied with things like locking down food and shelter; now that I have both, plus spending money, the mots, they are bon indeed! – and managed a remark to be proud of for once, instead of dreading clicking the “See All” on Kinja notifications.

raincoaster: That is glorious. Millinery without ambition is just outerwear.

Always nice to pick up some compliments, even if recent events have me looking askance and asking myself if someone is trolling me.

You are a poet for our generation.

You madam are a treasure in this place. Please never stop commenting. Where did you learn to write? What books/publications/journals do you read?

I’m blushing! As for what do I read, I generally read Gawker. When I have time, which isn’t lately, I read Joan Didion, Damon Runyon, the Father Christmas stories of GK Chesterton, old ghost stories, Fast Company magazine, Maisonneuve, McSweeney’s, and the New Yorker.

Read those (and write a celebrity fashion blog for six straight years) and you too can create snappy celebrity fashion captions just like raincoaster!

Unicorn Chaser: Lobster Shell Motorcycle



Happy fucking Wednesday. Here is a little motorcycle made out of lobster shells.

Lobstercycle The Other Side

Lobstercycle The Other One

Peace out.

Vancouver Timelapse: September 5

After three consecutive years of trying and failing to leave the city of Vancouver (to take a job in Yellowknife that didn’t work out, by dying of an undiagnosed bile duct condition which was discovered and cured by accident, by renting a paradise cottage in Penticton which was pulled out from under me at the last second), faithful readers might well ask, “So, what gives with that? How is it really so hard?”

Well, could you leave this easily?

Double rainbow lighting WHAT DOES IT MEAN Vancouver shot by Ted Mogan

Double rainbow lighting WHAT DOES IT MEAN Vancouver shot by Ted Mogan

Vancouver Rainbow by Andrew Strain

Vancouver Rainbow by Andrew Strain


Vancouver Sunset by Robin McMillan

Vancouver Sunset by Robin McMillan

Two words, people: No Filter.

Hump Day Unicorn Chaser: The Wisdom of Bob Ross

Bob Ross is your Unicorn Chaser for today

Bob Ross is your Unicorn Chaser for today

Didn’t we used to have a tradition on the blog where, on Wednesdays, we posted a delightful little brain cleanser, the Unicorn Chaser? Yes, yes we did. What happened to it? Shit happened, boys and girls, as it is wont to do however little fiber you eat. But today we are bringing it back with these words of wisdom from that great hippie master Bob Ross.

Why Not?

Keep Calm and Pretend it's Not Monday

Keep Calm and Pretend it’s Not Monday

So it’s not Wednesday. It feels like it: I’ve already blown through half my work hours allowed for the week at the Daily Dot and a fat lot of good it did me so it’s time for a little break.

Welcome to Honorary Hump Day.

Here’s a great video from our old friend Mark Day, who made a lightning visit to Burning Man (not that we’re jellus) and is now looking more Californian than we’ve ever seen him. Congratulations, you’ve made a nearly full recovery from your Hebridean upbringing. Stay till the end for bonus AWWWWWW.

Why the nose? Well, we’re glad you asked.

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