a medical emergency

You can’t blame her, really.

Medicinal Marijuana for emergencies only

Well, have you?

15 thoughts on “a medical emergency

  1. Yup, I am not a TV fan. Most of the other mums on the playground think I’m odd and strange – it is actually normal where i live for a grown woman to religiously follow a fantasy world in which actors play act all the problems you would never actually want in your life so that the audience can experience the emotions those events cause.

    I confess – I don’t watch soaps and that makes me a strange person. I follow politics and current affairs – those boring things that genuinely do affect our lives. That makes me odd. ‘pparently.

    Without the politics I would still be wierd and strange as I am growing a tentacle. Nope, it’s a Rice Krispie.

  2. Clearly Kitty tried to watch the Democratic Debate.

    “Seator Obama, would you wear a flag pin while attending a state funeral?”

    Which is about the quality of journalism one expects these days. Helped along by people like Harper and Bushco, our news channels are becoming either wingnut wurlitzers or irrelevant drivel.

  3. “Coupling” is a bit unrealistic, unless you know a lot of neurotic sluts of either sex who settle for what’s handy instead of going a block out of their way for what they really want.

  4. Sure TV sucks but I just heard an exclusive news that Three’s Company is being revamped for today’s generation. Apparently, it’ll have Hillary living with Obama and McCain in the same apartment. The network is currently trying to rope in Bill to play Larry.

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