Relativity and Seafood: An Update

That's just the steam escaping

If Einstein taught us anything, my friends, it’s that perspective is reality. Now, we’ve looked at the issue of perspective and seafood before on the ol’ raincoaster blog. Lately the meme has spread, yea even unto the highest reaches of Automattic, where Matt has examined the eternal question from the Anuran point of view.

With the passage of time often comes new angles, new viewpoints, new horizons, and raincoaster herself is not exempt from the machinations and wearings of temporal transit. Indeed, from my new vantage point as a parenting blogger, I find myself shunning the simple, yet easy and cheap, cartoons of yesteryear and engaging more authentically with photographs, as they are more accurate, indeed almost narcissistically so, representations of the real world and thus, more relevant to my more introspective, navel-gazey daily life now. No more cheap jokes with line-drawn crustaceans! No, our new standard demands more; it demands typical scenes that could be taken from my very life!

Baby Lobster, and doesn\'t she look pleased?

11 thoughts on “Relativity and Seafood: An Update

  1. That poor baby, having their arms stuffed into a pot like that! You know they’re setting the kid up to have some sick twisted fetish, right?

  2. That photo cracks me up.

    But I can’t help thinking that the pot is a bit too small. How can one bring the water to a boil when there’s no room for water?

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