Disney Princes Revealed!

cross-posted from my parenting blog.
Yes, this is what I put on my mommyblog.
eteraz should just tell everyone he looks like Aladdin;
Islamic relations would take a giant leap forward.

Here’s a little something to sustain the grownup in you through the umpteenth viewing of The Little Mermaid, Pocahontas, or Insert-Kid-Fave-Disney-Flick.

Remember that tip to help nervous people relax and enjoy public speaking? The one where you’re supposed to imagine the audience in their underwear? Well, it works pretty well for Disneyfilms, too, as you will see.

Say why, hello there to Aladdin:


And John Smith from Pocahontas:

John Smith from Pocahontas

both from the extensive gallery of Disney Princes baring it like Beckham
from David Kawena and posted at Zona Erogena
Site is NOT. SAFE. FOR. WORK. (or heterosexual males)

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29 thoughts on “Disney Princes Revealed!

  1. Whew…It’s a little hot in here…-10C out, but still…

    Sitka and Phoebus are my picks. I haven’t seen them in their…um…starring roles, but thanks to that site, I don’t have to.

  2. Roughly half of your viewing audience just shot beer out their noses. I coulda done without that. G’head and poke-yer-hontas if you want, though. None o’ my business.

  3. I like these two best, although that last one, whatsisname, is good too. Aladdin doesn’t look legal, but if he has proof of age we could get VERY friendly.

  4. Oh. My. God.

    I have been too many thousands of miles away from Andy for too many months to be looking at those! And, yes, i looked at all of them, lingeringly.

    David from Lilo & Stitch has a MASSIVE package, and Tarzan has some pubic hair peeking out, and, okay, i gotta stop now…

  5. My apologies for commenting on an other subject:

    Dear raincoaster – I can’t find your post about the Afghan manual you just mentioned in WPs threads. Please help with a link – I’m interested! :mrgreen:

  6. Well. A little reading stuff there. 180 pages in a foreign language. Now where did I put my English/Danish dictionary? All right but I will browse and skim around in that text. I am pleased to learn that you won’t fall into their hands. Virgin or not. :lol:

  7. Less pleased than me. That Aladdin is hunky!

    The translation was done by CIA operatives, many of whom are homeschooled fundamentalists. It’s not hard; they do not like big words. I’m sure you’ll get through it.

    Now I can’t even find where I posted it. Well, if I can’t find it, time to re-post it then!

  8. She-ra went around wearing next to nothing most of the time; that’s how you could tell she wasn’t Disney. When Annette Funicello did the beach movies, Walt Disney asked her to cover her bellybutton, so she did.

    My how things have changed.

  9. There really is something quite feminine about the postures or attitudes on those pictures. Silly even. Some “tada-tada”. Like female models…

    You deserve better, raincoaster. :lol:

  10. Used to be a nanny, used to sell children’s clothing, never short of opinions. Breeding itself is not necessary: Britney Spears has spawned twice, and who’d take HER advice!

  11. Pocahontas and John Smith were lovers in the movie but in history John Smith was too old for Pocahontas because he was 28 and Pocahontas was only 11 when they met. In the movie Pocahontas was engaged to Kocoum but she started dating John Smith instead.

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