why I hate Chihuahuas

Frank is just the tip of the iceberg, trust me on this. You turn your back on those malformed little rodents and they will EAT YOU ALIVE! Chihuahuas are evil!



Evil Chihuahua trading card

Evil Chihuahua trading card

According to conventional zoology, Chihuahuas have no natural enemies. Fortunately, those of us less constrained by scientific orthodoxy know that there an ancient enemy, one last, desperate hope for a world facing certain destruction!


498 thoughts on “why I hate Chihuahuas

  1. I love dogs almost without reservation but the chihuahua is the only breed that has ever taken a bite out of the Nag. Years ago I was knocking on doors in an election campaign and was attacked by a pack of these canine/rodents. They latched onto my hands and I couldn’t shed them no matter how hard I tried to shake them off. My hands still bear their fangmarks.

  2. As one who worked in an animal shelter for a year, I would rather face a doberman than a chihuahua. Or a toy poodle. Snappy little critters. You are right, anything that size is a rodent. Anything smaller than a Cocker Spaniel is a rodent. Anything bigger than a Springer Spaniel is a horse.

  3. Civilian! Don’t you know I’ve been keeping a beady eye on Hollywood the way Cthulhu’s devotees keep an eye on Aldebaran? Of COURSE I know about that huge PR push… and of COURSE I know the unspeakable truth behind it.

  4. They’re sweet around their owners, just not with strangers. And they only bite if they’re not well socialized which admitedly most aren’t.

  5. Oh yeah! I love chihuahuas! I love to tortured them! Disturb them! Specially if I see them suffered! hahahaha!

  6. hmmmm can’t think what i hate the most hmmmmmmmmmm maybe cabbage maybe cheaters aha chiwawas the thing that everyone with any size brain would tell you is vile ugly and disgusting

  7. I used to think they were ugly little things, till I happened upon my pup Pebbles and her brother Brutus at a shelter last thanksgiving. I was looking for a small dog to adopt and ran into them on petfinder.

    Neither of them were the bug eyed ugly little dogs I thought chihuahuas were. They are the “deer-headed” looking chi’s with slightly longer snouts and graceful long legs. Both were on the bigger side, too. It was love at first sight!

    Unfortunately, they BOTH had gotten parvovirus. The girl at the shelter thinks probably when they were fixed right before I picked them up…who knows… :-( Pebbles, the girl, got sick first. Then 2 days later Brutus, the boy, got sick. UGH!!!

    Poor Brutus died after two days. It was HORRIBLE!! (It still chokes me up to think of his quiet whining when I tried to comfort him… and the puking and diarrhea).

    Pebbles survived and is a year old. I love her. She’s the nicest little dog, loves people (children especially) and other animals. Her best friend is our female kitten. lol

    So not all are evil little rats.

  8. I absolutely hate these little things. I know a friend who has one…vicious little bastard towards anyone it doesn’t know, but it’s hypoglycemic…and when it has an episode, shaking like crazy as it’s starting to seize, it’ll go up to those same strangers it’s vicious towards in a weakened, shaking, frightened manner, expecting them to give it the powdered sugar it needs to be controlled. Screw that, I almost want to hit the little bastard on the head when that happens. HARD. With a hammer. I love animals, but this species of canine, along with the ugly as sin Boston Terrier, should be wiped off the face of the planet. The Boston Terrier I can overlook, but the Chihuahua needs to GTFO.

  9. Unnatural processes…SOMETHING. I’ve read all these things online about them…how they’re not good family pets because they’re too “fragile” to be around “rough-playing” kids. That couldn’t be a more BS, far-from-the-truth thing to say because the truth of the matter is, they’re simply too goddamn dangerous to have around kids because they BITE.

    I hated Chihuahuas before…but have developed an animosity towards them even more after getting acquainted with my friend’s ugly little rat. Him and his girlfriend baby the fucking thing and all it does is shake from it’s hypoglycemia, piss and shit all over the house, and bark and growl at things that can annihilate it hilariously easy.

  10. I have only met one of these genetic k-9 mutants that I liked. But I suspect he is on smack like his owner. That would explain his nice personality and penchant for breaking into cars to steal stereos. You should see that little fucker drag a 6 disk in dash stereo across the road, it is a sight to behold. Other than doped up dog/rat they are all evil, pure fucking evil.

  11. You mean you can TRAIN them? I can’t afford to feed a real henchman, but a henChihuahua, that I could afford to keep in ground rat meal.

    Also, I know a purse dog who ate a crack rock once. It was not a pretty sight, and the damn thing has apparently never quite recovered. It actually made me pity a purse dog.

  12. yes you can train them by using the blood of Yaletown Escorts & dicks who drive Porsche Cayennes. Then they will do your bidding. I would have one but I am afraid that in the night they fly like bats and will gnaw my genitals off when I sleep

  13. Well, sorry pal, but I don’t really give a rat’s ass if they gnaw your genitals off in your sleep. I’m hitting Craigslist for the escorts as soon as I get home.

  14. I am an animal lover. Dogs, horses, you name it. A Chihuahua however, is the most disgusting, yappie, creature that serves no purpose. The “purse dog” girls who tote them around as an accessory are equally useless. I have never wanted so much, as to snap an animals neck, as the Chihuahua. An ugly, bug eyed, pissing and crapping everywhere, barking non-stop, excuse for an animal. They are disgusting rodents-not dogs!!! And having trained many animals over the years I don’t want to hear about “only bad owners, never a bad dog”. This breed sucks! The only truth about “bad owners” is the goof balls that choose to own this breed, tend to coddle them like stuffed animals, dress them up in clothes and make them even more annoying then they already are! It’s sick!!!

  15. There’s an extremely easy way to make your chihuahua a PERFECT chihuahua, using a technique centuries old called “Slapping the Demon Out”. All you need is a ball peen hammer and good hammering reflexes. Proceed to “tap” the chihuahua’s head until you see a sufficient amount of red substance coming out. But don’t panic, this is normal–this is the demon coming out. The chihuahua is now well mannered and it’s recommended to spread this practice to every chihuahua you see!

  16. I dunno, I won’t feel safe until every last one of them has a mouth full of garlic, a silver bullet between the eyes, an ash stake through the heart, and is tucked safely under a boulder the size of the Great Pyramid, just to make sure they don’t come back.

  17. Actually Raincoaster, I’ve got a better, more fool-proof method that involves putting them all in a rocket headed for the sun…

  18. I hate those rats, i love all animals plants insects even flies but those things should be killed slowly and please let me do the honors .

  19. This blog is hilarious. I didn’t know other people felt like me. My girlfriend moved in about 8 mos ago and I hate her Chihuahua more than I’ve ever hated anything. Actually hate is not a strong enough word…there are no words to strong enough to describe my hatred…and this little rat doesn’t even bark or bite that often. Its gotten to the point where it is causing serious harm to our relationship. Short of killing the dog (and unfortunately that is not an option), I don’t know what to do. Thoughts? Help me deal with this vile, dispicible, insidious creature!

  20. Unfortunately I’m already an alcoholic. The chihuahua is driving me to street drugs. Plus the girlfriend also has two worthless cats and they are no help…oh well, maybe a large helping of chocolate will help. (Chocolate for the dog, that is)

  21. Wow. I feel so at home on this blog. I actually found it b/c I google “i hate chihuahuas.” no joke.

    any who, my boyfriend has a chi. let me repeated this again, b/c i know everyone is dumbfounded. my BOYFRIEND has a chihuahua. *gasp* i hate the bastard (the chi, not the boyfriend surprisingly). it has bitten me twice and my friend. i will destroy that dog or will leave my boyfriend. the choice is up to him. he has 30 days.

    oh, and if you all want to come to my celebratory bonfire, please supply some chihuahua kindling. I would really appreciate it!

  22. So I wrote in google, why I hate chihuahua’s? And this awesome blog came up. I love u all for telling the truth about these shifty little excuses for animals/dogs. God was upset one day and decided to take a shit on the world and out came the damn chihuahua. Thank you. I hate the chihuahua I live with. It’s my boyfriends. He is always fucking wih my cat, shitting and pissing all over, bit me, barking and growling, and he always steals the attention away when I try to get close to my boyfriend. I have more to say but not enough room to write. Chihuahua’s are devils.

  23. Yea and guess what. It’s his birthday today and he gets to lay on the fucking couch smelling up our pillows. Just because it’s his birthday. I wanna throw the lil monster outside. Why do people have to baby them. Huh. Fustrating. Thanks for writing back

  24. i am so glad to of found this blog, i thought i was the only one, every time i see one of those god damn rodents, i just get this anger, like i just want to snap their necks, my mom brought a stray one home, an old ass bitch with her nipples hangin a damn whore, i just looked at n got so angry, i was happy tho that my dog constantly kicked its ass n made it whimper, it was a fuckin ungrateful bastard we brought it from the streets and in return pissd n shit everywhere n when u tried grabbing it snapped at you and starting yapping like we were hurting it, i took the bitch to the pound i hope they put it to sleep, if u got near it to pick it up it also pissd itself, i ended up leaving it ina big pot where it pissd in n let it piss n shit all over itself for a few hours then took it to the pound, i cant emphasize enough how much anger this dog brought me and it was only here for a day,seriously, who was the damn retard that breeded these filthy rodents, and those obnoxious girls that get them too annoy the shit out of me with the super high pitched voiced ughhhh i loved watchin that video of the chihuahua getting kicked in the elevator too bad the guy got in trouble for it at least it was only a misdemeanor

  25. Well, I never thought I’d say this but your family? Deserved that Chihuahua. It sounds like when you die, this is probably the form in which you are reincarnated.

    And I haven’t got an issue with that.

  26. I have a Chihuahua. She’s the sweetest little thing. She loves belly rubs. When my family has guests over, she’ll run right over and jump around, then lie down on her back until someone starts rubbing her belly. She is sooo friendly! She never barks or growls or bites people. It’s all about how you socialize and train Chihuahuas. They think they’re much bigger and stronger than they actually are. :D

  27. Kate, how can we be sure? I mean, you’re saying you have a Chihuahua that never barks. Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiight. And I’ve got some oceanfront property in Saskatchewan for sale.

    Nicole, you must have a very small penis.

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  29. You guys are sick talking about a living being that way. I imagine you all pissed and shit all over yourselves when you were babies, i guess you’re parents shouldve tapped you on the head until “the red demon came out” and you were docile again!

  30. Glad to hear it! You seem to have some unresolved hostility issues, angie. It’s doubtful that the companionship of a trembling, fanged, naked mole rat creature will assist you in working through them to a point of serenity. I suggest herbal tea and yoga.


  32. In a conflict between a horrible little mole rat dog and an ALL CAPS user, I’m frankly torn. Every time you leave the caps lock on, Satan buttfucks a unicorn.

    It’s true. It’s a FACT.

  33. Its so nice to know I am not the only one who hates these little bastards, most of all my boyfriends chihuahua.

  34. I have a roomate who owns one of these disgusting little rats. Never in my entire life have I wanted to hit an animal. However this thing that runs around my apartment deserves to die a horrible death. I vote for genocide on these little shits. Her squeals of pain are the only thing that help me live with such a horrible creature. Also it is owned my a guy, his mom got it for him but still the word NO should be in his vocabulary. If I ever have to live with another one of these rats I will kick its tiny brain in it. My message is simple KILL CHIHUAHUAS

  35. Their skulls are so big they’re like pugs: can’t be born naturally, always have to have C sections. I say, sterilize them all while the roommate is at work and hey presto! Problem solved in one generation.

  36. My soon to be mother in-law has a bulbous dome head rat too and that damn thing will run up to you and bite you if she doesn’t know you and her mom just laughs… like its funny that i have to get a band aid…Her mom spoils the F out of it. I tried to walk the dog once and her mom got so mad. She doesn’t believe she needs walks because she little… I gave up on that dog so I just torment her now. She hates! loud noises like clapping lol.

  37. Oh and the dog pisses and shits anywhere it wants and her mom is lazy about cleaning it….fucking gross. Actually its under a basket right now for pissing on the clean carpet.

  38. I volunteer at an animal hospital and the workers there start cringing whenever a chihuahua is going to come in for a checkup. and they call them nasty little naked rats. I mean…they’re not really rats.

  39. and whats stupid is people saying you can train them or socialize them …same with people how can you train a person who has a bad nature who is a serial killer they are born with a bad nature but he’ll get better if we train him up and ” lets socialize them” they are feral ratt dogs

  40. I absolutely hate chihuahuas and unfortunetely it seems everyone has one these days. My street seemed to have an infestation. Not one was nice. Now, I am a dog lover and have seven. They are medium to large breeds. I have had small dogs too and like them. The chihuahua though is one mean little dog. They seem to always be loose on my street and trying to bite someone. May it be a dog or a person. They charged my gate trying to pick a fight with my dogs. Twice a chihuahua charged me in my own drive way. What gets to me the owners of these beasts will do nothing. I hate them. I wish they would be outlawed. A dog behaviorist I know said if chihuahuas were 95 lbs they would be killers. I so agree. A chihuahua bit me once and believe it or not it hurts just as if another dog bit me. One charged my fence and bit my pitbull on the paw. Now, my dog was in his own yard and was doing nothing. Had my pit bit the little creep, they would have said the same crap about pits…. they are vicious etc… Well, I say the chihuahua is the nastiest breed out there. I would rather meet a loose pitbull over a chihuahua any day.

  41. This is why we have coyotes in Vancouver; to keep the population of loose Chihuahuas down. They’ve even been known to take them off extenda-leashes. Using one of those with a purse dog is called “trawling for coyotes” around these parts.

    Maybe you could buy a mated pair of coyotes and turn them loose?

  42. Same story as many, dog lover since youth, like most types of animals, currently a rat owner. I inherited my first rat due to the fact that my good mate’s shallow horrible girlfriend decided (after 3 months) that the rat was not amusing her any more, so what do you think she went for? Yep, a filthy little chihuahua. The rat has so much character and personality, as well as being an awesome pet, has more intelligence, and just general affection (what we look for in a pet?) than the horrible little ‘ratdog’. Anyway, another friend has a puppy. When the ratdog met the puppy (basset hound), it acted like a fucking cat, hissing, snapping, back up etc. Surely that is the K9 equivalent of a teenager punching a baby? There are no nice characteristics of this breed, aggressive, territorial, ugly. I though it was fucking disgusting the way it acted with the puppy. I would like to ‘exorcise the demons’ on that little shit right enough…

  43. Also on the above topic, what does that little anecdote tell you about the sort of person who decides on a chihuahua?

  44. you people all need help. seriously. shame on all of you for being so shallow and cruel. seroiusly reading comments saying you’d “torture” them just because they’re “ugly” and look like rats, just make me sick. nobody’s perfect and everyone’s differnt. dogs are no different. Chihuahuas are unique and are good to their owners and can be very protective over their owners which explains why they might bite and growl at strangers. they’re cute and lovable creatures and can be great companions so before you go judge them as “ugly vile creatures” know that not all are mean and aggressive. i own a chihuahua and they’re the most loyal, sweet dogs you’ll ever meet. you people are just pathetic. judgding a dog on its looks solely and hating it for the mere fact that it’s “ugly”. seoriusly get a life. assholes.

  45. to the person who said thye’re “vile and disgusting” if you don’t own one, don’t act like you know how they are. you are shallow for hating on them just because their physical looks are not appealing to you. They make great pets and are loving and playful. Vile and disgusting is fitting for a person like you.
    and to the asshole who wrote “Oh yeah! I love chihuahuas! I love to tortured them! Disturb them! Specially if I see them suffered! hahahaha!” hope you rot in hell you bastard. no i feel pity for you, you need serious help. they’re living beings too with emotions and feelings and who can feel pain just like us. why would you hurt an innocent soul? sick bastard.

  46. And we don’t hate them because they’re ugly, although that is the case, I’m glad you appreciate that, we hate them because they are emotionally retarded. Like the people who foster them.

  47. Chihuahuas… How can I put this. I love animals, and am frightened by my capacity to want to kick chihuahuas. There is one which I have become unfortunately acquainted with, who demonstrates simultaneously the ability to remember who I am and forget who I am. He will bark at me until he has sniffed me for a minute, then come back later to bark at me again until he has sniffed me again, and god forbid I actually move about and run into him. Then he goes through my trash when I’m not around and barks at me when I come back. It’s maddening.

    There may be good chihuahuas out there, who are playful and cute and tame, but sadly they are grossly outnumbered by the legions of ridiculous rat demons who are an aggravating defiance to natural selection.

  48. Couldn’t have put it better myself. Also, that Chihuahua is obviously mentally defective. Why can’t the owners ever recognize this?

    Hmmm, I think I know the answer…

  49. I hate the furry rats also. I go insane when they bark. They Are so bratty and spoiled by their owners and they think they can do anything they want. They are always so yappy and aggressive and are always the first one to pick fights with other dogs and when they get attacked or killed somehow it’s the big dog’s fault. I hate their ugly eyes and their ugly face, and the way they tremble annoys the heck out of me. I saw a chihuahua that was slapped across the face by a cat because it was being annoying and I was silently so thrill. That shut the little devil up real fast. It disgust me how they just poop and pee anywhere they please and the owners don’t mind. Sometimes I wish I can kick them for trying to bite me or bark at me.

  50. To me, if an animal tries to bite me, its ass is mine and I can kick it with abandon. You’d kick a rat that bit you, wouldn’t you? The fact that Precious belongs to someone who’s supposed to make sure it doesn’t bite people doesn’t mean you can’t give the little shit exactly what it deserves.

  51. Although I dont have a dog myself but generally i m fine being around with dogs. But I have to admit that I just cant stand chijuajua not only because they look butt ugly, but also they are just damn annoying!!!
    Non-stop barking and always try to pick up a fight with dogs that are in bigger size
    man i just hate that breed………….

  52. They’re not even dogs. They’re little larval aliens, which is why you can’t trust them as far as you can hit them with a baseball bat.

    And you can hit them really far, incidentally. Uh, so I hear.

  53. I think I know about how they are, I have to live under the same roof as 12 of those loud menaces!!!!24/7 they are terrorist rats that don’t know how to shut up!!! they make everything f***ked up@!!!! everyday for the past 3 years they have ruined my days, plans, peace is not allowed. they torture us with their loud barking all at once they love to bark howl together they are evil.l.. lots of times I have tried to be nice to them and accept them because they belong to husband’s parents & younger brother, but they don’t care. they will bark to ruin your happiness and make it impossible to enjoy anything life has to offer. I think the people that love them they spoil them they let them do whatever they want no matter how much damage it does to others (even if it’s their own so-my husband ) ought to get a taste of their own medicine, If you can’t let those nasty creatures go and you choose them over your own son, you don’t deserve a son, keep the barking crapping pissing annoying rude stupid rats that you love so much and…..

  54. dave, you are the one that needs help. you ever see hear have 12 chihuahuas bark at you at the same time, do you know how loud they get? if you had to go through this everyday, all day all the time, maybe you’d understand where other people on this site were coming from. THey ARE the most annoying disgusting really pets i have ever seen!!!

  55. FUCK I hate my boyfriend’s chihuahua. Yes, a grown man with a CHIHUAHUA. She is spoiled rotten and she snaps at me and I told him he’s going to have to get rid of her before we move in together. I hate her. The sight of her makes my blood boil. I love animals but this thing hardly counts as a rodent in my eyes. And she does such stupid fucking things and my boyfriend thinks it’s so cute. I want to throw her fragile little bug-eyed body off of a cliff and see how far she flies. Fuck that dog. He’s going to have to choose between the two of us. We’ll see how this turns out.

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  57. The breed standard describes them as having a “saucy, terrier-like temperament,” which translates as “If you touch them, you will find them hanging on the end of your finger.”

    I showed one for a friend. It was an experience. It’s amazing how much growl can be packed into such a small package.

  58. I’m currently stuck in bed with the flu. I feel like shit, so I planned to get a bit of sleep. No such luck. The people next door own 2 of these vile little shits that yap constantly whenever they are out of the house. Yap, yap, yap, yap, for hours at a time…imagine it. My head is pounding. I adore dogs. These arent dogs. These are the only animals I’ve ever wanted to kill. These rats ruin my life at home. I hate chihuahuas. I totally adore most other breeds, even small ones like Russels…these things are beyond help.

  59. “England” One thing i hate in this world is chihuahuas i cannot stand them i was walking my bull terrier and a chihuahuas was barking at my dog trying to actually bite my dog (not playing) so i told the owner to take it away from my dog or i will let my dog loose she wouldnt listen so i let it loose but i felt a pleasure it did not have major injuries as after i took the leash off the women changed her mine and get the hell out of my way i absouletly hate chihuahuas by the way i have a english bull terrier 1 year old and i have a bull mastiff

  60. My fiance has one and its a barking rat, spoiled little bitch dog. We have to have pee pads in the house because no matter how much we take her out she still pees. Has to be in moms lap 24/7. I feel like Im getting touretts! Fuck! Ass!!

  61. belive it or not chihuahuas are not geneticaly modified. i didnt belive it when i first heard it too! they are actually from south america and where the arch enemys of the aztecs, also known as the chuppachabra translation “goat sucker” legend tells they can suck a whole heard of them dry! wich proves these are evil blood sucking werepires!

  62. This I can believe; it explains why they hang out with anorexic starlets. It must be a symbiotic relationship in which the Chihuahua sucks the blood of the desperate girl, keeping her underweight and employable.

  63. Im glad i found this site this is my second demon from hell. The 1st one died from gf son he gave her chocolate one day, the bitch died at my house from a heart attack, this new one is the devil, she fights the vets at the clinic, i bathed her, give her food and try to show her love, the bitch is arrogant and cocky, i literally threw the bitch out my window last nite in 20 degree weather and do you know this damn dog was sitting on my steps at 5 in the morning, now her stupid ass in there sleep. I let her be around people and the whore goes into a corner thinking we about to kill her smh and then when i cleaning my room she runs around like someone is about to kill her and i be like bitch aint nobody studying your paronoid ass. Im real close to offing this bitch!

  64. Of course she was sitting there waiting for you. You’re lucky you got away with your life.

    Why do you sleep with women who choose creatures like this? It’s your own damn fault. Style victims will never cease buying Chihuahuas until you deprive them of sex. FACT.

    Although I don’t think you’ve read Lysistrata, the concept applies.

  65. follow up, the demon is dead she tried to attack my son. that was a big no no. now i can sleep peacefully ahhhhhhhhh,

  66. You stupid inbred maggots can all go to hell,you know nothing about Chihuahuas .dumb FUCKS!!! Of course they don’t like IDIOTS,neither do I,FUCKEN” RETARDS! Chihuahuas are more human like & have more emotions than any of you dumb asses! So curse all you MFr”s..I hope all of you fall off the face of the planet. BYE


  68. Today would be a good day to hunt down you Bitches..nah,don’t need to a curse will do…so be aware..

  69. The thing about Chihuahuas is that they can spot fake maggot people a mile away & don’t like them,they want them off the face of the earth,so do I…

  70. Oh wook! It’s Babby’s First Troll! Isn’t it sweet?

    Look, you perverted mole rat fancier, Chihuahuas are malevolent, fanged aliens sent here to dominate the weak-minded. In your case, they have clearly succeeded. You may report back to your shivering, yap-bastid alien leaders now.

    Maybe they’ll give you a treat.

  71. Look you fucken maggot,you are so cursed…I love all dogs,Pit Bulls on down,I just hate maggot people like you! No troll here just an animal lover & you my friend f’d up!

  72. Don’t have to come for you maggot the curse is already in place on you & all your family’s sorry ass we shall see who has the last laugh retard~! Goes for the rest of you animal haters on here. bye

  73. Chihuahuas don’t like retards either,they are quite picky about who they like,so it is mutual with them for people that hate them. That is one of the great qualities they have,they can spot maggot retarded people a mile away.

  74. Of course people hate them: they’re vicious, moronic trembling fanged naked mole rats, not dogs, and only Special Needs grade three people like you love them. Never trip in their presence: they will eat you.

  75. Only retards hate them,just like they hate retards with no balls~,Oh,how silly of me maggots don’t have any!!!,So it is mutual. Spread the hate & have fun with it while you can. You will meet your fate soon enough. Maybe your fear of them will do you in. Hehe

  76. Btw I have had pet rats,rabbits,snakes,horses,fish,reptiles,birds,exotics,dogs of all breeds,cats of all breeds…I may prefer one over the other as far as breeds go,but there is no logical reason for you to spread hate about any animal. I love them all,just so happens I love the human like emotions that I have observed in Chihuahuas,that you obviously don’t seem to have any of. I think you are just scared of a dog that has human like feelings…

  77. Of course they’re reason to spread hate about Chihuahuas. Look at it rationally:

    You’ve had rabbits, snakes, horses, fish, reptiles, birds, “exotics” (your mom let you keep strippers?), dogs, and cats, and you prefer CHIHUAHUAS?

    Obviously you have lost any claim on rationality or even taste, and should probably be confined for your own and society’s good.

  78. Sure you would say something that stupid.. Exotic like Felis Chaus Jungle Cat,Wolf Hybrids,etc idiot.. There is no talking to brainless people like you because you have no connection or love for animals in the first place. If you did,you wouldn’t single out a particular breed,just as they are doing to Pit Bulls,same difference,people just don’t have the expertise to know how to handle them,so they label them as all vicious,same with Chihuahuas,you just never had one that you took time to connect with. Just as these people that have negative comments on here,they are all clueless.. Maggots that spread hate like you are the ones that need to be locked up… You must be on the autistic spectrum of Ass-perger’s or something? Your style of humor about “strippers” is right up your alley cause you are probably a sick pervert to say that in the first place,probably a pedophile. Why don’t you do the world a favor & leave the planet.

  79. I am heartend at your remark that there is no talking to people like me, for it gives me hope that you will stop soon.

    People who support the kidnapping of wild animals for retail sale and pet use are cruel and stupid, and they use their animals as a source of testosterone, probably their ONLY source.

    You are stupid. You are illiterate. You are cruel.

    Are we entirely sure you are NOT a Chihuahua?

  80. I hate/loathe/despise these fucking useless, pathetic, disgusting cunts of things more than mere words can express.
    I become incandescent with rage just thinking about it – and it will soon pay for its unwelcome existence with its miserable little life.

    My GF has two of the fuckers – one is blind and is relatively quiet … the other, however, is the pissiest, shitting-est, most deplorably vile and disgusting faggot of a dog who humps his blind brother on the sly, shits on the patio right where people sit (despite numerous attempts at training the little fuckstain) and barking incessantly at anything that moves outside the fence.
    To add insult to injury, the bastard always licks his fucking asshole & balls near the outdoor table when we have guests over – it doesn’t feel good eating some rib-eye while having little choice but to watch some ass-nugget of a dog licking its disgusting sick asshole and ballsack.

    I seriously despise the abhorrent turds of things with more feeling than can be expressed here .. but salvation is at hand thanks to some sage advice earlier in this blog.
    Thankfully the cuntish, cock sucking Chi will soon be dead, courtesy of my generousity with Dark Cooking chocolate, but I agree with all of the extreme hatred & encourage your venting here.

    To all the lovers of those cunts of Chi’s with their ‘Oh they’re gorgeous dogs’ comments – go fuck yourselves in anticipation. I couldn’t give a flying fuck for your opinions in this Chi hating blog, so go lick a Chi’s asscrack for all I care.

  81. Don’t count on it. Their alien leaders are hip to the chocolate thing nowadays.

    “Gorgeous dogs?” Apparently visual impairment and mental imbalance are more common than thought.

  82. ChiHaterExtraordinaire says:
    February 19, 2012 at 9:54 am

    I hate/loathe/despise these fucking useless, pathetic, disgusting cunts of things more than mere words can express.
    I become incandescent with rage just thinking about it – and it will soon pay for its unwelcome existence with its miserable little life.
    **A note to you POS’s your threats of animal abuse:go viral…

  83. I guess Eva Boyle is also illiterate as well as clueless. Like I said in my post above, I don’t give a flying fuck what people like you think, or if the comments go viral or whatever. It’s my opinion, and none of you Chi loving retards will ever change that.

    I’m a jealous maggot? What .. jealous that a bastard dog shits / pisses / barks and carries on totally contrary to all other dogs I’ve either owned, trained or been around? ahahaa … yep, that’s something to be jealous of I suppose, that I don’t crap on patios or around tables or lick my balls in public (would that I could, but ah well), bark all night like this bastard does, keeping neighbours up, pisses everywhere, gets snarly at not only friends but family and actually tried to bite a baby two weeks ago in a bassinette … all this despite training professionally and at home. Yeah right.. great dogs – when they’re dead, which this one soon will be.

    What about that doesn’t your poor, pathetic, self absorbed mind get?
    I hate Chihuahuas. I wish they were all exterminated. They appeal to me & matter to me about as much as your opinion, Eva Boyle.

    Did you think your meaningless attempt to quiet my opinion by threatening viral exposure would change my opinion? AHAHAHAAA! What a fucking moron. You obviously don’t get the concept of freedom of expression, opinion and all the rest.

    Go feast on the anal leakage of a baking chocolate-poisoned Chi, you protectionist zealot. Nothing you say, threaten or do will *ever* change my mind or opinion. Embrace it, Understand it. Believe it.

  84. ChiHaterExtraordinaire says:
    February 20, 2012 at 6:10 pm

    I guess Eva Boyle is also illiterate as well as clueless. Like I said in my post above, I don’t give a flying fuck what people like you think, or if the comments go viral or whatever. It’s my opinion, and none of you Chi loving retards will ever change that.

    I’m a jealous maggot? What .. jealous that a bastard dog shits / pisses / barks and carries on totally contrary to all other dogs I’ve either owned, trained or been around? ahahaa … yep, that’s something to be jealous of I suppose, that I don’t crap on patios or around tables or lick my balls in public (would that I could, but ah well), bark all night like this bastard does, keeping neighbours up, pisses everywhere, gets snarly at not only friends but family and actually tried to bite a baby two weeks ago in a bassinette … all this despite training professionally and at home. Yeah right.. great dogs – when they’re dead, which this one soon will be.

    What about that doesn’t your poor, pathetic, self absorbed mind get?
    I hate Chihuahuas. I wish they were all exterminated. They appeal to me & matter to me about as much as your opinion, Eva Boyle.

    Did you think your meaningless attempt to quiet my opinion by threatening viral exposure would change my opinion? AHAHAHAAA! What a fucking moron. You obviously don’t get the concept of freedom of expression, opinion and all the rest.

    Go feast on the anal leakage of a baking chocolate-poisoned Chi, you protectionist zealot. Nothing you say, threaten or do will *ever* change my mind or opinion. Embrace it, Understand it. Believe it.

  85. 1. I’m not your friend. Never will be.

    2. If the feeling is mutual, then we’re both content.

  86. Wishing people dead because they wish evil, fanged trembling naked mole rats dead is one more way Chihuahua fans prove their inferiority.

    Also: pageviews!

    I don’t need to start my own flamewars with you refreshing the page to see what ChiHater said. Awesome.

  87. ChiHaterExtraordinaire ,If you hate the little dog so much,stay out of his way,keep bratty kids,obnoxious friends & relatives away from him & find him a decent home retard! The hate you feed is the hate you get back.

  88. soulfinder, if ChiHater bothers you stay out of his way, keep kids, friends, and relatives away from him, and find him a decent home.

    The hate you feed is the hate you get back.


  89. soulfinder – do you really think I’m going to suggest or even entertain the notion of complete family relocation in our own place, advise friends to stay away from the home, curtail all entertainment like BBQ’s etc on account of one mongrel piece of shit of a Chihuahua, who, on top of everything else already stated, has not only started growling and threatening familiar family members, but also took a swipe at a HUMAN baby doing nothing more than lying in a bassinette?
    I am finding him a decent home, retard. It’s called death and this little obnoxious prick has earned that and a whole lot more.

    Don’t like it? I couldn’t give a rat’s ass. Typical of Chi lovers to push what they think is best for the dog, while completely & conveniently ignoring the reasons for the loathing 99.9% of people who contribute to this blog feel for the ugly rat fucks.

    I’m past wasting money on this bastard, likewise, I’m past training expenses, tolerating the unwanted behaviour of the asshole of a thing, making excuses for it, or investing anymore time with it.
    I am absolutely past putting up with the SOB snapping and growling at family & friends who do no more than sit down on a chair on our patio, (after which this little Hitler comes over and tries to dominate the area with his behaviour), and I absolutely draw the line at this mongrel cunt of a thing snapping at a human baby.

    Now, back to more productive pursuits, like plotting this much-loathed fucker’s downfall.

  90. If you wanted to be REALLY cruel, you could find someone like soulfinder in your own town and give the little horror to her. It will then make her life a living hell, and she will worship it like a god.

    Comedy gold.

  91. Ugh, thank you. I have had many pets in my life (5 cats, 3 dogs, a rabbit, mice, etc.) and I’ve loved them all to bits and pieces, and NONE have been as awful as the chihuahua I’m living with now. My boyfriend bought the thing for his parents to give them a sense of purpose now that they’re old and have an empty nest, and this thing is babied to high heaven. They LITERALLY wipe his ass after he shits with baby wipes. (Thank God this condo is an interim while we close on our new house…I can’t TAKE IT ANYMORE!)

    The stupid thing barks when I come in the door, barks when I leave. They think it’s funny and say, “He doesn’t like change.” If I pretend to like the fucker by petting it, it will growl and snap if my bf comes over to sit next to me. He’s “defensive over me because he likes me.” Again, they think it’s hilarious. NO! That is NOT NORMAL. It’s ill-behaved and will BITE without notice.

    It poops and pees inside. It’s 4 fucking years old. I’ve had PUPPIES that went inside on accident, but they were trained within months. This stupid dog doesn’t get it and doesn’t even bother “asking” to go out. It just goes wherever it feels like it.

    My bf’s cousin also has a stupid chihuahua that jumps all over you, licks your face, sits on you and shakes, and gets really vocal over its toys. Unfortunately, in Southern California, these stupid rats seem to be EVERYWHERE because these idiots keep breeding them.

    In fact, my bf actually thinks his dog (which he bought from a pet store) is of “champion lineage.” They brag about it all the time. How “good looking he is,” because all the stupid bimbos on the street stop and go, “Awww he’s so cyoooote.” He’s a PUPPY MILL dog, not a “champion show dog.” SERIOUSLY. He’s rat-faced, bulgy eyed and shit-stained.

    Now they realize how annoying the fucker is and took him to obedience class where he runs in the corner and pisses himself or constantly begs to be picked up. In fact, if you take the stupid thing on a walk, it’ll go about 3 yards before he stops and wants to be carried. AGAIN, they think it’s “CUTEEE!!!”


    …God, it felt good to let all of this out…

  92. Dog Lover … it is wise to pretend niceness to the mongrel-gutted Chi. Gain your BF’s trust with the dog, then make sure, on a nice, hot sunny day, you leave it outside tethered by lead somewhere (in the yard all the better) in the direct sun, with no shade reachable from where the piss-stain is tethered.
    Then, lure your BF inside with your feminine wiles – making sure the Chi is still outside in the sun, using the very real excuse of “Chi’s LOVE being in the sun, so let’s leave him there for a little bit” ….

    Devise more feminine wiles ways of keeping your BF inside (no pun intended) for a couple hours – meanwhile, the Chi bakes in the hot sun.
    After about an hour and a half, you may hear a little yelp, just before the bastard Chi goes into a well deserved heat-stroke seizure – the subsequent twitchings & occasional thrashing around on the ground of the loathsome Chi will bring a sense of delight to your heart.
    Of course, if your BF cannot hear the yelp, all the better – that means the rotting, stinking piece of Chi patheticism will bake more in the hot sun.

    After the initial heat-stroke seizure, and with say, another 1/2 to one full hour of unattended baking in the sun, the ugly piece of Chi will generally be beyond even the best Vet’s help.
    All there is to do then is to watch the fucker’s chest expand and contract as the bastard wishes for, but receives no fluid relief, and soon enough, he will draw his last breath (hopefully after popping an artery which will be visually confirmed as the bastard bleeds out of his mouth).

    Then, the happiest feeling of all – discussing how deep in the garden the hole should be for the soon-to-be chunk of wormbait! ;-)

    Good luck with it & let us know how it goes … and Hi there to raincoaster – it’s been a while!

  93. Hi back.

    Unfortunately, while that would kill an ordinary dog (which is an action we do not support at all!) Chihuahuas, being dehydrated aliens from Mexico, are impervious to sweltering heat. Their home planet must be much closer to their sun than ours is to Sol.

    We will have to think of another way.

  94. Very interesting reading, lol. Like many others have said previously, I love animals of all sorts. But for numerous reasons posted here, I cannot stand chihuahuas. My good friend has a couple of them and whenever I go over there and have to listen to their constant yapping, I find myself thinking of how much I’d love to kick one of them.. Is that horrible? I’ve never thought of harming or torturing any living being but with chihuahuas the thought crosses my mind repeatedly. If one of them ever tried to bite me, I might end up losing a friend.


  95. Well, Dahmer started out by killing and torturing animals. So do a lot of people. That there are some people as bad as Chihuahuas doesn’t give anyone hope for the future.

  96. I live in Southern New Mexico about 100 miles from the Mexican state of Chihuahua. These fucking little things are everywhere around here. Most of the neighbors have them.
    I wasn’t able to take a nap for years. I couldn’t take out the trash without being assaulted by vicious hyper barking of packs of these little savages.

    Finally I found the solution. Large whistler bottle rockets with explosive reports. I started shooting them at the worst offenders. I would preface shooting the rockets with a large shrill whistle of my own. A couple of the neighbors got upset enough to give me dirty looks and invite their tough guy friends over, but at that point I really didn’t care.

    I was actually ready to get firearms out if it came down to it. It really had gotten to that point which is ridiculous. All because people are inconsiderate enough to amass packs of these worthless little shits. If I could snap my fingers and have every chihuahua on the planet slowly roasted over a fire I would do so in a second. But the bottle rockets worked. The little fuckers will now bark once or twice and then flee in terror as they hear my whistle and realize it is ROCKET MAN they are threatening. I haven’t actually had to shoot a rocket off in months.

    For a while I thought the issue was going to wind me up in jail. But at the time I actually was OK with that because I thought I might get a little sleep. Bottle rockets. Stopped the little yapping asswipes in their tracks. As a side benefit, it made the asswipe owners realize crazy Gringo was just about to go postal and actually enclose some of the little shits. I mean, if he is shooting rockets into your fence in broad daylight, no telling what is next. As I have found out….some things really CAN’T be solved by reasoned dialog. Especially if someone is unreasonably stupid enough to own this breed.

  97. I applaud you, but I’d like to point out that Chihuahuas are so wrangy and high-strung that merely shooting one over their heads would cause them to shit out fire and cower under the sofa for a week, so there’s no need to risk animal cruelty charges. Besides, I think you have a business model there. The Chihuahua Whistler.

  98. Hopefully a bottle rocket backfires & goes up your a@ss!! You people are pathetic…I have to laugh at how stupid you are..people with Ass-perger’s tend to think the way you pathetic morons do…I hope to God your kind never reproduces..you need neutering..

  99. Not at all. WordPress.com’s system detected your comment as spam, because of the errors and profanity. Perhaps if you had a soul, you’d differentiate yourself more from ESL robot scripts and approach the human-seeming.

  100. I maybe was exaggerating a bit (not much).
    The rockets weren’t actually shot AT the ratyappers but indeed just above them.
    I should also mention these were not ordinary bottle rockets of pencil diameter. They were about the diameter of a quarter with the business section being a good 8 or 10 inches long. They really scream. When they pop it sounds like a cannon. Chihuahuas fear them worse than Satan himself. And I can finally get some rest. Sorry Soul. The ratyappers are evil. One actually attacked me on the sidewalk and tried to bite. A well placed “push” of the foot sent him back into his yard.

  101. Ancient Mexicans bred chihuahua’s to use them as toilet paper. Chi’s were also used as tampons.

  102. HAAAHAAAAHAAA,You are all such a bunch of ignorant RETARDED AIRHEADS that I can only laugh about how stupid you people are..Chihuahuas are the purest form of love on this planet,that’s a lot more than I can say about the fools that come on here to hate on them…Go crawl back in your wormholes,MAGGOTS! And Raincoaster take down this silly blog will ya?!!!

  103. Okay. I am maybe feebleminded, weak, I’m a coward, I am scared of my own farts, I shake all day and can only cope with the world by bawling and screaming. That is why I relate to Chi’s so well and only to Chi’s. There, I said it. Now Stop hating on me and me precious dog!

  104. i got a chiahua from me mom but i didnt like the chi cuz he was so dumb i kickd him so hard in his head and out of the house , he died litl fucker he

  105. Evidently you are a retard,there is no cure for maggots like you,go crawl back in your wormhole & die so the likes of you will neVer reproduce to taint this planet again….

  106. Damn, I sense some rage from the saviour of chihuahua’s! Better heed the warning or face the wrath of these ugly critters.

  107. Indeed, twice telling me to take down my blog “or else” is twice too many. Strange how these Chihuahua fanciers are high-strung, touchy, and dumb. I wonder what draws them to those fanged naked mole rats … oh wait, of course! They have so much in common.

  108. I would rather have something in common with a pure innocent loving soul..than a soul of a maggot retard putting up this hateful sadistic blog in the first place ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  109. Gee, looks like that yoga and herb tea isn’t working; you appear to be very high-strung, aggressive, and snappish. No wonder you love those obnoxious little rats.

  110. Actually I am very calm natured & laid back until I come across any forms of animal abuse..it seems you must have come across poorly bred Chihuahuas with terrier mix in them because most good Chihuahuas have a calm laid back nature and just like people they all have unique personalities,one thing none of them like though is rude obnoxious people,especially spoiled bratty kids,so quit stereotyping them…

  111. Dog is god backwards. According to some Mexican folklore, Chihuahuas were associated with the worship of deities in ancient times. In present day America, they are simply worshiped as the special friends they are.
    I like big brains, and I cannot lie! It is a proven Chihuahua fact that, in body to brain ratios, these little dogs have the biggest brain of any other breed. This will come as no surprise to dedicated Chi lovers who know just how smart and clever their little dog can be!
    Chihuahuas are very loyal. It is a fact about Chihuahuas that they can be the most loyal of companions; perhaps sometimes almost too loyal! These little dogs with huge hearts bond very deeply with one person and can become overly protective and possessive of this person if care is not taken to socialize them well.

  112. I don’t have a cat now,but yes they were my passion,especially Siamese which are a lot like Chihuahuas,so you get the best of each species in one :) I have no problem getting laid,thank you…it seems that is all simple pathetic minds like you can think about,I pray you do not reproduce…

  113. My Chihuahua is a tough little cookie, he is fighting an ant now (but he is losing, so I’m gonna kill that effin’ ant!)

  114. Wow, talk about bat-shit crazy. Dog is god backwards? No way, where did you come up with such a miraculous find?

    “According to some Mexican folklore, Chihuahuas were associated with the worship of deities in ancient times.”

    Only to some? And when you say ‘associated’, what exactly do you mean? Do you really think they put them up on a pedestal?

    Here’s a bit of what I found when searching for “Chihuahuas in ancient times”.

    A small excerpt.
    “The early Spanish conquistadors who explored the region in the 1500s noted that several tribes raised “little dogs” which they kept very fat in order to eat. ”

    Not exactly what you had in mind, eh? Also, it appears the Aztecs had some affiliation with these naked mole rats as well, Of course, if you know much of anything about the Aztecs, you’ll concur that they were quite fond of sacrificing animals and humans, for their gods. So, I don’t think they were quite worshiped in the way you think or may have hoped, thee mighty, fearless saviour of chihuahuas!

  115. CHIHUAHUAS CAN CURE OR REDUCE THE SEVERITY OF ASTHMA AND ALLERGIES – Most people with Asthma or severe Allergy problems have a problem with pets. Not so, it seems, with the Chihuahua. Although there is no known medical evidence to support the idea that Chihuahuas can cure any disease, many Chihuahua Owners who suffer with Asthma or severe Allergies claim the dogs help. As recently as thirty years ago, people living in the Southwest would get a Chihuahua for a child or family member with Asthma or Allergy problems. The dogs would sometimes lie near that person’s mouth and become ill. At the same time, the person would seem to feel better. The idea was that the problem was transferred from the suffering human to the dog. While that’s obviously untrue, it is a fact that Asthma and Allergy sufferers seem to do better with short or long haired Chihuahuas the with any other dog breed.

    Early descriptions of the dogs by Missionaries and Conquistadors traveling throughout South America indicated they were used in worship ceremonies or even eaten by faithful followers of the Aztec religion. Such descriptions were often exaggerated to make the Aztec People seem completely pagan to Christians and, thereby, justify their conquest and conversion. While we are certain that Chihuahuas were used in Aztec worship ceremonies, there is no evidence to date that any were eaten. Many have been found buried with people, so it’s possible they were killed to join their owners in death.

    A native New Yorker now living in Arizona, Bill Knell is a forty-something guy with a wealth of knowledge and experience. He\’s written hundreds of articles offer advice on a wide variety of subjects. http://www.billknell.com Full article:http://chihuahuapage.com/chihuahuainfohistory.html

  116. Actually, there is plenty of evidence that Chihuahuas were eaten. I don’t know what it says about Mexicans, though; when the Scots wanted a meat animal, they invented the Aberdeen Angus. The Mexicans invented the Chihuahua.

    Mexico, what were you thinking?

  117. indeed… but please tell me: what can cthulhu do about the chihuahua situation? please tell me, i’m at the end of my rope. (ps: all hail the giant squid, if that helps.)

  118. This things are just lame pathetic excuses for dogs. My neighbors have two of this annoying creatures. I’ve seen cats and other animals that can qualify for dog a lot more than chihuahuas.

  119. Ahhh a response from the most ignorant person on this planet,your responses are null & void because you don’t know your a@@s from a hole in the ground when it comes to animals or being human in the first place…lol

  120. Just as I thought, another pervert on the loose. Seems most people who do not understand Chis are just that; simple minded perverts. They feel threatened by what they are clueless about & want to mock a little dog..You are pathetic.

  121. Save Chihuahuas you and all of your fellow chi-bastard lovers can go die for all anybody cares. Are you mentally retarded and deaf? Because how people can actually like this loud abominations of dogs is beyond me. Ask your co-workers if they like shithuahuas. Then see how many people respond with I hate chihuahuas!!!!

  122. A dog is supposed to be man’s best friend and be loyal. These things are NOT any of those!!! Chihuahuas are the opposite of what a dog should be. I wish they were still kept as food, which is what they originally were before idiots like you started using them as some kind of lame excuse for a dog.

  123. Well, in certain areas they ARE still kept as food. In Southern California (no lie) roving packs of feral Chihuahuas have been attacking schoolchildren. Our little Save Chihuahuas friend shows the characteristics of the breed: they misinterpret approach for attack, and shit in their own beds. After spamming his/her/its FB page here, I sent its comments to Spam and will do so any time it spams its FB page here.

    I am going to test the theory that Chihuahuas are not trainable. Readying rolled-up newspaper.

  124. Pathetic maggots all of you clueless mindless non human entities…the world would be much better without your kind of vile slime…Random guy go eat your children…Sickos like you& Raincoaster is what is wrong with this world…perverts!

  125. Oh yeah, I heard about it but it was in Maryvale, a city in Pheonix. Honestly if I lived there, the little rats would not dare approach my place or me.

    By the way, do you know when it’s open season there?

  126. Like I said all you maggots go eat your Children! And please do the world a favour & get yourselves sterilized. Vile maggots like you need to crawl back into your holes. Your kind have overrun & ruined this planet..

  127. Save Chihuahuas, you don’t know how much of a beautiful world it’ll be without having raging retards such as yourself existing. Raincoaster and I are real humans who have to deal with people such as yourself. I never even said anything perverted here!

    Do this world a favor and and educate yourself, will you? Pick up a dictionary and see what pervert means. Let me help you,

    This is a dog https://www.akc.org/breeds/newfoundland/index.cfm

    This is also a dog https://www.akc.org/breeds/beagle/index.cfm

    And this is also a dog https://www.akc.org/breeds/doberman_pinscher/index.cfm

    This on the other hand, NOT a DOG, http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/f/fc/Killer_Chihuahua.jpg

  128. Why don’t you educate yourselves,I suppose you don’t like Pit Bulls either,I had them too,as far as the breed books give me a break idiot,I read them while you were still in kindergarten…The only retards here are the ones posting negative comments about a specific breed,evidently you have only owned rocks…that is all you should own. Any animal is too good for narcissistic morons. Do the world a favour & jump off a cliff…

  129. Do you know of any good education programs to (hopefully) educate those idiots who find Chihuahuas as beautiful creatures?

  130. Thanks, Eva, for our 229th comment, guaranteeing our place at #2 on Google’s “I Hate Chihuahuas” search page. We really would have dropped off the front page of Google long ago, but for your sustained, tireless efforts. Great work there, and thanks again! Your chew toy is in the mail.

    When you unwrap it, you will quiver, bark at it uncertainly, and then attack it. Then you will piss yourself and try to hump it, and then you will cry.

    As Chihuahuas do.

    Pit bulls, by contrast, are awesome dogs.

  131. Experience of a dog more human than the likes of you is the best teacher..you guys on here spread nothing but hate about what you know nothing about,so who are the real bad guys here?

  132. I like Pit Bulls and I showed you pictures of dogs. I have owned fish, frogs, toads, and dogs as well. You on the other hand seem to have something wrong with you as you like Chihuahuas. Dogs ARE man’s best friend and loyal. Chis do NOT fill in those qualities. Something went wrong in your education and you seem to have been educated by Chihuahuas. My animals love me and I love them. If anything my neighbors are HUGE narcissists and they own Chihuahuas that are aggressive to ANYONE. Doesn’t help that my neighbors are very rude people and they act very much like you.

  133. I have read about the breed and have been around them. I’ve even asked people who have been around them. Rarely do I get a remotely positive answer about Chis or the people who own them. Eva just get out of here already and change you diapers please.

    P.S. I regret calling Eva a retard because that was a very offensive comparison for all the retards of the world.

  134. Eva, first you spell Aspergers wrong. And you do realize that Aspergers tend to have normal to high IQ’s right?

  135. You do realize that there is a great possibility that Albert Einstein was an Aspergers, right? Eva be careful with what you say.

  136. June 4, 2010

    Fans of the Chihuahua just can’t get enough of that cute little dog breed. Chihuahuas are affectionate and suited for living in urban, suburban and rural environments. However, Chihuahua owners know one thing–for every person that loves a Chihuahua, there’s one that hates Chis. Here’s why:

    The Bark

    Let’s face it–Chihuahuas have loud, piercing barks due to their size. While a Chihuahua’s bark means the same thing as a large dog’s bark, many dismiss it because Chis are so small. Some people find the Chihuahua bark to be shrill, irritating and even headache-causing.

    The Bite: Attitude Towards People

    Chihuahuas are one-person dogs. They’re also sometimes jealous and protective when it comes to their owners. This has gotten the Chihuahua a reputation for being an hateful ankle-biter, though most Chihuahuas are friendly and affectionate dogs.

    Chihuahua Owner Stereotypes

    Folks like Paris Hilton have created stereotypes about Chihuahua owners. Some people think that Chihuahua moms and dads, like their dogs, are only concerned about image and ego. Others think that Chihuahua owners have a psychological illness– a need to be depended upon by a helpless being (if that’s the case, who knows what they think about parenting human children).

    Napoleon Complex

    Chihuahuas like to be top dogs. As a result, sometimes they bully large breeds into running away, tail between legs. This can be embarrassing for the average Doberman or American Staffordshire Terrier owner, so they hate on the small dog.

    Limited Interaction

    Many people who “hate” Chihuahuas state a preference for larger dogs. These people prefer rough play and wrestling with their dogs, so obviously a fragile Chihuahua is not the dog of preference for them. Some believe that it’s not worth owning a dog if the dog isn’t able to catch a Frisbee or run several miles.

    While these “reasons to hate” do apply to some Chihuahuas and their owners, it seems that many people have a difficult time imagining the world from a little dog’s point of view. If most creatures and objects were several times your size, how would you react?

    Please feel free to add comments or additional stereotypes here.

  137. Yes,I read that he most likely had Ass-pergers…the world would be a better place without perverts,no matter how brilliant they are…


    Re: The sexual perversions of Einstein
    May 30 2012, 10:45 AM

    Should we respect Einstein’s theory of relativity of having sex with relatives and keeping incest in the family? That is what relativism teaches us, that there are no morals.

  138. Save Chihuahuas, you call Aspergers morrons, but you know about their high IQ, yet another reason as to why you are so unbelievably stupid. And there are plenty of Aspergers who do feel empathy. The reason why many of us comment here is because we are sick and tired of those annoying abominations. Why are you even on a Chi-hating website? You really should meet many of the Chihuahuas I met and then tell me if they’re annoying?

    Raincoaster, is there any way to ban people from here?

  139. And you are all butt-hurt about Chihuahua stereotypes, yet you stereotype Aspergers as perverts.

    Einstein was a much worthier life than you are and we learned much with this guy around.

    Get out of here already Eva, because we are coming here to let off steam for a reason.

  140. Why should I get out of here? Did I hit on a nerve you are sensitive about? Well you did the same to me. As far as I am concerned having lived with one of those with Aspergers, so called accomplishments of human waste. I have first hand knowledge that they do not feel empathy.. they mimic emotions,they are like programmed robots,fake clone shells of what a real human is supposed to be.

  141. 248 comments! A new reader each second! This is fantastic! Thank you so, so much, Chi-head, for your squalid, vulgar ranting and wholesale hostility; they have propelled the blog forward to an entirely new audience segment!

    I believe, I literally believe, that Chihuahuas show at least all of the emotions that you’ve evidenced in this thread. Which is why I wrote the post in the first place.

  142. Hopefully it is an audience against your stupid blog.. whooopee maybe I will hit a few million for you? Sicko, I wasted enough time here anyways. Can’t reason with a robot…

  143. First if you do not want to be hear Chis being bashed on, then this place is not convenient for you. I have several Aspergers as friends and they have difficulty expressing emotion. However they very much have feelings, just that it’s hard to tell and yes they feel happiness, remorse, sadness, anger, and any other emotion there is. I have first hand knowledge that they do feel empathy.

    Now you are saying that Chis are more human than most humans? Do you hate humans? Perhaps you are the real maggot. Pretty much every Chi I’ve met is just full of jealousy and is extremely bossy. They don’t act very much like dogs and if anything they remind me of unpleasant humans and I’m not the only one who feels this.

    Let’s face it, you hate Aspergers so much because many of them have accomplished things that are far more important than your life is. So you only sit and feel jealousy for what many of those supposedly “non-humans” have managed to achieve, which you didn’t and probably never would, right? You awfully remind of Chihuahuas.

    Raincoaster, is it possible to block people here?

  144. Save Chihuahuas you are the robot here being ignorant and unreasonable about people not liking Chihuahuas and about Aspergers. Go out and do something productive with your failed life, will you?

    Raincoaster, I’m positively sure that Save Chihuahuas was born on a highway as that’s where most accidents happen.

  145. Random Guy, it sounds like Eva/Save Chis has worked herself into a conniption fit and has given herself a little time-out. It lasted a few months last time. I’m only sad we didn’t get to an even 300 comments today. I could have earned a couple of bucks from ad views.

    Silverstar, good to see you back!

  146. Geez someone afraid of a 4 lb Chihuahua? LOL How much more pathetic can that be? And you Silverstar are one of the type of POS’s I am fighting against,I feel sorry for the animals in the shelter you worked for…

  147. You’re back! You’re back! We can probably get to 300 comments now, easily.

    How does it feel to insult a handicapped pensioner who volunteers in a pet shelter?

  148. I understand the state of Chihuahua in Mexico is trying to get the breed renamed so they are no longer associated with the dog. Some suggestions put forward have been: Peckorino, Diplot, Tink and Fusswad.

  149. Raincoaster, we urban pagans have to keep some secrets. Also, will always drop into the chihuahua bashing thread. And you can put toy poodles down as rodents, too.

  150. Raincoaster don’t you worry, you will have 300 comments soon enough in these couple of days.

  151. Now if we could only go back in time and stop the popularizing of this malevolent rodents and the birth of Eva, that will be just fine.

  152. Agreed. My cousins had one and the flat-faced little bugger sank its teeth into my finger the minute it got close enough. I snapped my hand in a whipping motion and Foo-Foo went flying. Ooopsie!

  153. So would you like to go with me? Silverstar is also invited. I’ll be back tomorrow and now for some much needed rest. Ahhhh.

  154. Holy F^#kballs! Chihuahua’s are actually cockroaches disguised as rats disguised as “dogs”. I accept that their bad attitude has been recently exacerbated by being forced to live in starving socialites’ Birkin bags, but seriously! Head is way too small to hold any brain. They have eyeballs and a brain stem in their skulls. No room for anything approaching cogitation hence their vicious nature.

  155. a Chihuahua has roughly the same capacity for learning and intelligence as a German Shepherd even though the Shepherd’s brain is probably (WAG) 10x the size of the Chihuahua

  156. They do, it’s people like you who don’t understand them that have the problem. Since you feel you are so intelligent then why don’t you start using your brain & do something more constructive instead of posting ignorant hate blogs about what you know nothing about?

  157. And Eva “Save Chihuahuas” is probably 13 to 17 years old. Her language skills, ability to copy/paste info from Google searches, and insistent trolling is evidence of immaturity.

  158. Shows how little you know about my age,lol. I am trolling what? Some idiot who is gathering a hateful crowd of sub humans like himself to agree with this blog? It’s useless to post anything positive on here because all you do is remove it to incite more hate against an innocent animal you know nothing about. Shame on you!

  159. Is it so useless to comment here? It seems to give your life meaning and my life money and fame. So continue to waste your life in this fashion, I implore you!

  160. Chihuahuas are a huge oxygen waste and they’re good only at this. Oh wait! That’s not a good thing, this things come from hell.

  161. I agree with you my friend, Chihuahuas are an abomination.

    P.S. Where are you Eva, Raincoaster could use some money you know.

  162. Woo-hoo, a special thanks to Eva for her tireless efforts to help get us to 300 comments!!!

    Now let’s get it to 400!

  163. I love this blog, cracks me up and just reading Eva’s comments reminds me that I need to work hard in order so that I don’t end up like her/him/it.

  164. Oh, by the way,RandomNerd, Adam Lanza had Aspergers too…so kudos to you & all your Aspie buddies…proves just how twisted your brains are on the autistic spectrum. High IQ’s but dumb as a rock when it comes to being human. They should force anyone with autism in their bloodlines to be sterilized. The whole lot of you. It’s a genetic defect & should not be passed on.

  165. Eva you do realize that Bill Gates had Aspergers. Without him you wouldn’t be typing the shit that comes to your mind you asswipe.

  166. You say Aspergers should be sterilized when you are the chi lover and poster child for abortions and importance of wearing condoms?

    Chihuahuas need to be sterilized and so do you Eva. Be back tomorrow.

  167. Yea I know,I also know that Bill Gates is evil & so is the internet,we were better off without all this “technology”…the world was better, people actually interacted with each other instead of thru keyboards..imho

  168. Hey Eva, Marilyn Monroe was an Aspergers and she owned a chi-bastard.

    Isaac Newton is the reason why we know the sad reality that you haven’t simply floated off into space!(if you had the world will be so much better)

  169. If the Internet is evil and made by an Aspergers then why do you use it, dumbass?

    And if your purpose is to defend Chi-whatever-the-fucks here, you’re only making us hate them even more!

    You’re the reason why we need to wear condoms, Eva.

  170. On the bright side you’re anger is going to get Raincoaster some more money, so I get to laugh at your stupidity while you help Rain earn more cash. :)

  171. Go suck on a rock RandomNerd…lol Only idiots hate Chis,let the haters come,haters will always be haters,they have no redemption value in this life or the next…I don’t truly hate anyone,it’s just that I wish evil people would disappear off this planet. Like the ones who put up hate blogs just because a little dog,or whatever silly reason offends them. I guess it must bring in the needed $$$…a sorry way to do it.

  172. To answer why I use the internet,because there is not much else to do living with someone on the Asperger’s spectrum who does nothing else besides work & live on the internet..very boring life,the Chis at least make things interesting, fun & worthwhile. Awesome lil’ buddies. Never knew how amazing they were until I got my first one 20+ years ago. Never looked back,nor have want for any other breed,most are just dogs. I had dogs all my life & the bigger the better it was until I fell in love with these guys. So yes I want to defend them because I know their true value,few people can understand them. Most are a one or two person dog. That is one of the reasons they get such a bad rap.They are loyal & true companions,when trained right they can be real lil’ troopers.

  173. Evidently you need to go meet up with one of your craiglist escorts,hope they give you aids,you probably go both ways,most likely you’re just a faggot… damn pervert,only perverts are afraid of competition from a little dog..

  174. I know exactly what was meant,”honey” I am only nasty/bitey to those who deserve getting bit,all the ignorant morons..And yes they are a kindred soul,they have the ability not to trust evil people. Faithful & true,amazing souls. I love Chihuahuas! BTW, Oh is Rain a she,he or an it?

  175. Wasted enough time here going to go back & advocate on facebook,twitter+ for animals in kill shelters,that which I freely give my time for. Maybe you should join me there are lots of Corgis needing rescue…

  176. Well well Raincoaster, I think that at the rhythm that Eva whines here and our comebacks to her, you are going to receive some money.

    What will you use the money for? To put in your savings account, to buy a new bike, or to have enough money to support a REAL DOG that you will adopt from the animal shelter?

  177. Here we have two Newfoundlands, a wonderful breed that will readily save you from drowning. They make wonderful family dogs and have a virtuosity for patience.

  178. You KEEP SAYING THAT and yet you can’t stop. You just can’t stop. You’ve been coming back here for a year now at least.

    I await your next “I’m not the profane, hysterical pervert you baby-fucking tard!” all caps rant.

    400! We can do it!

  179. I love your profile picture it is very befitting of you,now I know what you look like,Bozo..It’s not my personal page,Bozo,it’s a public page. Your ASS-pergers is showing. lol

  180. Oh & just Iove this profile description of you from RandomTurd: A DOG. Eat grass, chase birds, roll around in dirt and lick your own balls and ass. THAT’S what being a dog is all about.

  181. silverstar98121 You are the epithamy of the type of people I despise! Your type are one of the reasons these little dogs get a bad rap. You had worked in an animal shelter? OMG!! Volunteer or not,you should never even be allowed to work around rocks no less animals. Shame on you for being a typical airhead!! Btw,Yea Rain,crash & burn imbecile!

  182. Silverstar,I worked with dogs & other animals all my life. I have had/owned from Wolves,Even Afghan Hounds down to Chihuahuas ( my only passion now). I had pedigreed cats from Siamese to Persians. I had Birds from Parakeets to a Cockatoo,I had horses Arabian to Mustang. Pygmy Goats, I had pedigreed rabbits from Angora to French Lops,I had Chickens,even Silkies,Ducks,Geese,Peacocks. I had Freshwater fish of all kinds,Tanks of self sustaining Salt-water Fish of all kinds. Two types of Exotic cats,Felis Chaus & Leopard Cat. Reptiles from Savannah Monitors to Columbian/Rainbow Boas…The list goes on & on… I took a vet course, also did grooming for over 5 yrs…So tell me something new please. Btw do you run your computer on the Linux system?

  183. Rain this blog is really below your so called intelligence level…so why leave it up? To show how ignorant you really are to what you know nothing about? Only from what you have heard or seen without hands on experience? An animal lover is an animal love,simple,if you hate one you hate all…

  184. They only bite stupid people of low intelligence who do not know how to approach them,they are choosy,cautious about who to accept,which is a lot more intelligent than most airhead “happy,happy joy,joy” dogs who just run up to any stranger. … Do you hate rats too btw? A true animal lover does not hate ANY animals,especially when they have never “truly” known them one on one in real life… so kudos enjoy your day…

  185. You have only proven that you not only have Ass-pergers but are retarded as well..so have fun with your senseless stupid blog,you’re just here to score ego points & $$$,hopefully people will see thru the veil of deceit…rest my case..bye

  186. You keep saying that. Over and over you keep saying you’re leaving…and yet you never leave. Here we are, a year later, and you’re still nattering away, pushing this thread ever closer to 400 comments…

  187. Well it seems eva is back and bitching. Rain isn’t it exciting how easy it is to make some cash with an idiot who keeps posting and reposting and then it says it’s going to leave, but ultimately comes back.?

    Save Shithuahuas, you must have a crush on Rain since you keep coming back to look for attention and are just increasing Rain’s profits. Yet another example on how beyond retarded shithuahua lovers are. Eva jump off a mountain already please, the world doesn’t need you and based upon your idiocy, stubbornness, and overall nastiness, I highly doubt anyone likes you. You like chihuahuas so much because they remind you of yourself.

  188. Now, now. Just wait it out. She’ll keel over from an infarction and then her pack of rabid, goggle-eyed mutants will eat her. Patience, Grasshopper.

  189. THANK YOU for making this blog. I hate those mutated, ugly, rat-dogs SOOO much there’s one in my parent’s house that LOVES my parents but HATES my ass. Everytime I try to be nice to it or pet it….the little bastard SNAPS at me. And people say they are so lovable and adorable pfft…yeah BULLSHIT. And it’s NOT done there….it pisses EVERYWHERE in my parent’s house INCLUDING my ROOM and my SISTER’S room. That little rodent is so spoiled that it makes my blood boil to the point of WANTING to kick it out of the house like a fucking FOOTBALL and screaming “FIELD GOAL MOTHERFUCKER!” at the top of my lungs.

  190. You’d think that wouldn’t be the highest standard of behaviour, but then again it is YOU we are talking about, so not pissing down your own leg indoors is probably too much to ask for.

  191. My standards are just fine,it’s sarcastic b!tches like you who need help,if you have an issue with Chihuahuas why don’t you keep your issues in the closet with the rest of your bullsh!t? They have enough problems of persecution because of dumb@ss owners, without ignorant people like you making matters worse just for some kicks & giggles.

  192. This is my blog, hon. This is where I post things I think. Thanks to you, it is now #1 on Google for “I Hate Chihuahuas.” Couldn’t have done it without you, great work there!

  193. Good,it can be a benefit since they are being persecuted by egotistic selfish morons like you..

    Raincoaster in her own words admitting she is an egotist & thinks she is smarter than anyone else,sure speaks a lot about her having good character & morals doesn’t it? Maybe she needs to seek God or a lobotomy,possibly both.

    “By the way, I’m an egotist, especially when it comes to brains, but I can tell you Willy Pickton struck me as a man who was at least as smart as I was. He is a very, very intelligent man, and don’t let anyone tell you different. If I hadn’t been constitutionally aloof and put on my guard (however skeptically) by those two guys at the nightclub, I could have ended up as a victim. It was only that I was watching for him to pull something that protected me. When I saw him doing it, I felt superior. But I can’t claim it’s because I was some genius.” By Raincoaster

  194. BTW,Thank God she hates Chihuahuas! It’s vile,hateful,sarcastic egotistic people like her that give them a bad reputation in the first place. So this blog is good to expose the type of people that Chihuahuas shy away from & for good reason! So let this be #1 on Google. Save Chihuahuas is up there too,at least I am trying to do a good thing,not just for them but all animals in need. So thank you for YOUR effortless work in promoting my site. Shame on you for promoting hate against a breed you are clueless about! You are disgusting to say the least! I think I will even link this blog to my Facebook page..kudos to you.

  195. Typical Aspie. My condolences for your “High IQ” lack of empathy & common sense. In other words you people are basically dumb as a rock when it comes to being a real human. I would rather be human than a cloned look alike who lacks the fundamentals of being human. I am only being rude to someone who is a sadistic,vile creature lacking moral decency. I truly am glad that you hate Chihuahuas,thank God for miracles! The likes of you are the horror of all horrors for any pet. Please do animals a favour & NEVER,EVER get a pet of any kind because you will find fault with all,just as you do with genuine people,that which I AM. I have a passion for the breed,so what? You hate them,so what? Should I start a blog about why I dislike people with Aspergers & their God complex? Hmmm. I already spend too much of my FREE time networking animals in need,more than I can say for you.

  196. See you don’t just hate Chihuahuas,you hate any animal that doesn’t conform to your sick sadistic standards,evidently you got bit because dogs can sense evil people a mile away. Re: raincoaster March 9, 2014 at 7:17 pm
    Agreed. My cousins had one and the flat-faced little bugger sank its teeth into my finger the minute it got close enough. I snapped my hand in a whipping motion and Foo-Foo went flying. Ooopsie!

  197. Re: N/A
    November 24, 2010 at 7:19 pm
    I volunteer at an animal hospital and the workers there start cringing whenever a chihuahua is going to come in for a checkup. and they call them nasty little naked rats. I mean…they’re not really rats.<– ? My response is that the staff at this animal hospital are a bunch of airheads. Of course when you go at them with giant gloves they are going to become apprehensive…geez dummies they are "little" dogs with "big" scary strangers coming at them fully armed! I went to a stupid vet b!tch who did that,only because my regular vet was not in. The same dog this airhead came at armed with huge padded gloves,my regular vet,a wonderful man easily handled the same dog without such nonsense,my dog was very accepting of this vets common sense approach. It's a matter of character,some people are just idiots when it comes to animals,some people are genuine animal lovers. If you are a good,decent vet/person,the animals trust you no matter what breed they are. If you don't trust or don't like them,they will also be leery of you,what comes around goes around. Some people are just not fit to work with animals. My dog was a just a bit shy of some people,she did not an aggressive bone in her body & this airhead vet approached her like she was a vicious Pit Bull for God's sake! Needless to say,I never took my dog back there again! Many people are just like this airhead when it comes to certain breeds of dogs. Other people have common sense & don't go along with the hype & regard each dog as an individual,not lumping them all together in a stereotypical category by breed.

  198. RE: fuckahuahua
    January 6, 2012 at 9:06 pm
    follow up, the demon is dead she tried to attack my son. that was a big no no. now i can sleep peacefully ahhhhhhhhh,<—–? People like this I would love to hunt down & put a bullet thru their head without regret & their "precious" son's head too just so the sadistic genes do not reproduce..how do you like that maggot? WTF is wrong with you people supporting abuse like this to any living being. Evidently your BRAT child was attacked because it was just as brainless as you. If you knew your dog had these tendencies,you would have kept your BRATTY child away from her. DUUUH. What kind of sick sadistic sh!t are you promoting Rain? This is not even about Chihuahuas,this is outright murder, abuse of a living soul. I hope it was just a joke. Sick F*cks!

  199. Evidently Lorraine Murphy,AKA Raincoaster even hates birds: “I came to Vancouver in 19-mumble-mumble to go to UBC. Now I love it here. If I had a gun to deal with the noisy 5am seagulls, this city would be about perfect for me.” By Raincoaster. This is not an animal person & should not even be posting blogs about them. The handful of haters are just that. Clueless brainless idiots. I came to this blog to defend the innocent & expose these tyrants for what they are. Nothing else.

  200. Hey Eva apparently we don’t have the right of freedom of speech as we can’t even make Chihuahua jokes right?

    Go do something productive, you probably are here seeking attention. In a previous comment you said you were older than 20, yet you act much more like some obsessed 12-year old fan-boy/fan-girl. Grow up, and ignore things you don’t like. We’re not even planning on hurting Chis and I have no plans of it, yet you act as though we were making a conspiracy to destroy them. Perhaps I should actually open a Facebook and go spam your page the same way you do here?

  201. P.S. a little kid who had no fear was just walking along and one of those Chihuahuas in my neighborhood came and bit him. This breed based on the way I see them acting aren’t a rightful representation of dogs. If they were calmer or better tempered, I wouldn’t dislike them along with many other people I know that don’t like this breed. The guy who put that Chihuahua asleep had a reason… it bit his kid. You would be very angry if your kid was bitten right? He probably took it to the shelter to put to sleep rather than do do something else. Euthanization doesn’t cause pain to the animal and it’s better than putting them to sleep like they used to back then.

  202. Let us view videos of dogs that aren’t so annoying and that truly act like man’s best friend, shall we?

  203. No I would not put a tiny dog to sleep because he/she bit my kid. Ignorant parents do sh!t like that & should never ever be allowed to have a pet again & if they did kill the dog they should be shot. So big deal a LITTLE dog bites someone. You typical people act like you are being attacked by a lion or something,what kind of sense does that make? I have been charged at by many dogs running out of their yards..People need to keep their dogs contained. Chis/Dogs should not be running loose in the streets,they should be in a safe home with responsible people. Why don’t I ignore this blog? It disrespects Chihuahuas. They are targeted & being massacred in Nazi camp shelters as it is. So to me this blog is not funny in the least,it is vile. It’s hard to ignore the abuse I see every single day against Chis,animals in general. I have already lived my life,so this is my passion,to speak up for animals who have no voice… I do it freely,so I really don’t give a sh!t about Rain making money,good for her. She can’t take it with her to the afterlife.

  204. BTW here is an example of the types of “typical” people I have become antagonistic against,this is not even a Chi:
    Muttville Senior Dog Rescue
    Liked · March 7 · Edited

    Chelo’s surrender questionaire.

    **Blood boiler alert!** While browsing wonderful new mutt Chelo’s paperwork today we ran across his surrender paperwork. Here is what it says:
    Why are you surrendering this dog? “Old too old, got a newer dog to replace.”
    How long have you had this dog? “15 years”
    When was this dog last vaccinated? “Never”
    Health issues? “Just old”
    How many hours was this dog outside? “24”
    How many hours was this dog left Alone? “24”
    Where was this dog housed? “Housed under the porch.”
    Do you think you can do better for Chelo in his last years? Learn more about him at http://www.muttville.org/mutt/chelo-2204
    — with CR Allen and Marnie Spencer.

  205. Which has nothing to do with Chihuahua hatred. Mutts are awesome dogs. They should be housed with good people. Chihuahuas, if they must exist, should be housed with people like you.

  206. Eva, you REALLY need to calm down. You actually believe that they should be shot for putting an aggressive dog to sleep? Size doesn’t matter, that dog was being aggressive and it was no good putting up with it, with the kid every day in risk of being bitten and the dog attacking strangers. They should have trained the dog, but to me it sounds like terrible genetics it had. If anything YOU Eva are putting the Chis in more negative spotlight with your immature rants. Please read your comments as you are only making people think that people that own Chihuahuas are insane. I love animals, but Chihuahuas have only shown nastiness. Oh and please explain the Nazi Shelter thing you mentioned that targeted Chis?

  207. Re-home the dog to a quieter home setting WITHOUT kids & strangers running amok would have been my solution. Evidently the dog was living in a stressful situation. Just by the person’s attitude towards her it was evident. So who is really the “insane” person?

  208. I would have gladly taken a Chi with issues than have some lunatic kill him.. I can work with them,I know when to give them space if necessary instead of being an arrogant a-hole like the owner… This has nothing to do with comparing them to “serial killers” what kind of asinine thought pattern is that? Just wondering, I suppose you don’t like Caesar Milan either?

  209. Does Eva seriously think that the guy is a lunatic for taking getting rid of an aggressive animal that was biting his kid and being a general nuisance?

  210. Euthanization does hurt ,it was the worst pain I ever felt when I had to put my Chihuahua of 18 yrs to sleep due to repository heart failure. Yea I am a lunatic 59 yr old. *RandomNerd. I am a lunatic against people who make jokes about a serious situation. If people would educate themselves & research this breed instead of getting them for their “2yr old” brats & a houseful of obnoxious people they would understand the breed better. Understand that these are “companion” dogs to one or two people not a household full of aborigines*aborigines,slang term for wild & unruly people. (* I have to explain myself to a person with Aspergers because most can only comprehend direct literal language & do not understand slang language) If people would stop forcing Chihuahuas to conform to their own idea of how a dog should act,this would not be such a big issue. Chihuahuas will not conform to “Fido” rules like other dogs who act like typical dogs. Just throw a stick & pat a typical dog on the head & they will run off with any stranger who does that. Chihuahuas have a more complex unique personality,many are “thinkers” as I call them. Most people do not like dogs who can think for themselves,have human- like emotions,people like to dominate their pets,feel superior over them,well the typical Chi wants none of that! Most are FreeSpirits & will attempt to do their own thing whether you like it or not. So they are best suited to live with people who take time out to bond with them & understand them,they thrive on communication with their “humans”,interacting. Unique people,(*It can even be a unique child who is patient,kind,loving,compassionate)
    They do not do well in typical everyday run of the mill family household situations,it is too stressful for them. They are amazing little dogs with big hearts for those who have taken the time to learn their language.

  211. So what you basically told me(and I’m not even Aspergers) is that you let your Chihuahuas run around and not train and socialise them. Euthanization does not hurt the individual dog, the owner yes(unless the dog was being too aggressive).

    P.S. I HIGHLY doubt that you are 59. Your comments suggest you would be some stupid butthurt 12-year old. The only qualities I’ve seen in Chis is being EXTREMELY nasty to strangers, no matter how calm the stranger is. Read what all this people have posted, they are here for a reason, not just to hate for hating!

    With all your spamming, I think I might go to an I love Chihuahuas page and do the same crap like you do here and act as sadly as you do.

    *sigh* I once thought that the elders were the wisest ones, but now I am not so sure.

  212. Maybe they should have euthanized you? That would have spared you the pain of separation.

    And it would have spared us all of these thousands of your maudlin, hostile, irrational words.

  213. Oh, she does sound 59 to me. There is a certain sub-class of women who haven’t got much to live for, so they fixate. On Beanie Babies. On cats. On Fifty Shades of Gray. On inappropriate perving on the stars of the Harry Potter movies. Eva certainly fits the bill. Can’t you just see her, dressed up like a slovenly Dolores Umbridge, taking her yapping, untrained, incontinent nightmare into a shopping mall, where it attacks everyone in sight and she screeches about how it’s all their fault?

  214. The only “Sub-class” people are the simple minded ones who come here to vent their hate for a unique little dog they do not understand & make it a project to do so. “Beannie babies?” “Harry Potter” movies? Take my dog to a shopping mall for God knows what insane reason would I want to subject my dog to such insanity? You sadistic,vile fools! LOL SHAME ON ALL OF YOU!

  215. Well so you said it and the Chihuahua’s temperament isn’t something that makes me enthusiastic. Article says they are protectors, but really we have German Shepherds and Rhodesian Ridgebacks to fill this function. They don’t act very much on what I look for a breed and it doesn’t help that you have made me lose any little respect I had for this breed.

  216. SHAME ON YOU! After all you are the one who acts like a pist-off 12 year old and just worsening the reputation that this annoying thing and its owners get.

  217. No, but putting a link to some of her more precious comments there wouldn’t be a bad idea. Her followers, if any, might be surprised that she hates the handicapped and advocates for murder.

  218. The only function a Chihuahua needs to fulfil is to be a companion buddy to people who can appreciate them & not some simple “Fido”. As far as German Shepherds,they have been known to be aggressive, turn on their owners,attack children. My brother has scars to prove it. So kudos to your German Shepherds,I had them,I also had an Irish Wolfhound/Wolf Hybrid cross among other large breeds. If you want to talk about “big” dogs. I believe you feel your intelligence is insulted because you have been outwitted by Chihuahuas…They are so much more intelligent than any of you haters on here.

  219. First off I have NEVER been bitten by a Chihuahua or any dog for that matter. If I had a choice of being bitten by a German Shepard which can do extensive damage landing you in the hospital or a Chihuahua which “might” require a small bandage,I choose the latter. The “LOL” you asked about,I meant to put it behind my comment “Beannie babies?” “Harry Potter” movies? Take my dog to a shopping mall for God knows what insane reason would I want to subject my dog to such insanity?* LOL NOT behind “You sadistic,vile fools!” because that is nothing to laugh about. Just FYI.

  220. From another article: Temperament

    Chihuahuas are known for their temperament. Unfortunately most people view it in a negative light. However there are many parts of their temperament that are very positive


    Chihuahuas appear to be more curious than other dog breeds. They always seem to be investigating what is going on around them. This is a positive trait when you are small and proactively exploring your environment.


    Chihuahuas can appear to be very ferocious. This is in part to their persistence at warding off danger until it is gone.


    Chihuahuas are very loyal and will to protect you. Loyalty is one of this breeds best traits.


    We all know the Chihuahuas act much bigger than what they are. The do not hesitate in trying to scare away bigger dogs or humans that do not belong. With a flash of their white teeth and loud bark they can be scary.


    One of the more famous parts of the Chihuahua temperament. Most people misinterpret that fact the Chihuahuas shivering for nervousness. Shivering usually means that have lots of energy.


    Usually only seen by the owner at home in a familiar house. While most people only see a vicious little dog, owners who love them know the Chihuahua can be very affectionate.

    Overall Chihuahuas are very loving and sweet dogs. But it is understandable why most people think Chihuahuas have a bad temperament. If you were in their shoes and much smaller you would understand why they have to stand up for themselves.

    The great side of Chihuahuas comes out when they are home with their owners in a familiar territory so they can relax and be loved. This Chihuahua temperament most people donÕt see.

  221. Eva, I told you not to spam. Now you’re spamming without attribution even. Worse yet, you are boring me. You go to the time-out corner and get whacked across the nozzle with a rolled-up newspaper.

    NEVER bore me, people.

  222. I’m talking that the article said Chis are overprotective. I f I wanted a protective dog I would get the GSD or another breed because they can actually discourage a burglar or a mugger. Training is also taken into account and they are obedient.

    And me less intelligent than a Chihuahua? I do not go and attack family members and friends, I don’t bark or scream at nearly everything that moves, I don’t hump everything or people’s legs, I am not an asshole towards everyone I meet, I actually use my brain capacity and enjoy my time, I don’t act like some immature brat(which YOU a 59 year old do). So kudos to you and your Chihuahuas, which have practically lost the respect of a breed with you advocating and spamming about them.

    Rain and Silverstar, how much you two want to bet that Eva is a PETA advocate, cause that’ll explain a lot about her?

  223. SHe’s not. I just trawled her personal facebook profile (not the Save Chihuahuas page). She’s exactly what I thought she was. Her ego is too big to allow her to promote someone else’s group or collaborate with anyone.

  224. Ferocity: Yeah this things are complete assholes to family and friends, but can’t do anything to defend the home from a dedicated burglar.

    If they are so nervous about size, then why do I see several small dogs who act calmly around large dogs and strangers?

    Chihuahuas are overall one of the nastiest breeds out there. Now their might be a calm Chi that I have yet to meet, but for the most part, this breed is one of the most disliked and for a good reason.

  225. I’ve put up enough with Chihuahua lovers and all the shit they have to spam. Time to head in a brighter direction with Newfies, a breed that is truly a definition of man’s best friend.

  226. There is no doubt that Eva is a humane-iac of some stripe, but I wouldn’t label even her with the epithet PETA. PETA is worse, they don’t believe in keeping pets or domesticating animals at all, labeling it a form of slavery. I’ve run into them before, accusing me of enslaving my service dog. Funny thing, my dog is never happier than when she’s working. We all need to feel useful …

  227. i think chihuahuas are a non beneficial being thats only good for disgusting food
    my neighbor had a chihuahua it entered my house and killed my bird

  228. Ok, I’m back. We closed on our house, and then boyfriend (now fiance) said, “Why don’t we let my parents move in downstairs? They’ll cover half the mortgage, and you know the neighborhood they live in is bad.” Never mind that I was looking forward to the peace and quiet of my own fucking home. At that point, I would’ve look like a total bitch to say no, so I caved. I don’t mind his parents living here. I love them! They’re great, wonderful, loving people! They’re quiet! But that chihuahua.. I hope it dies.

    I had just gotten away from that stupid piece of shit “dog.” And then they moved in with it. And there is a sidewalk right alongside their patio door. We fenced in the patio so ratboy could attempt to go piss and shit outside. Whenever he’s out, it’s shrill, ear-piercing barking at every fucking person that walks by. I work from home, so I’m constantly listening to its incessant, shrill barking. They refuse to neuter this rat because they’re afraid it will change his “oh so lovable” personality, so now he marks with his piss all over the baseboards, corners of walls, new cabinets, our new laminate flooring, everywhere.

    I had so looked forward to having our own home where I could raise my own dog. A real dog. I had researched all the breeds, and I settled on a corgi. Yes, they bark, but their barks are not ear-piercing, and I would actually dedicate the time to attempt to train it. I grew up with a beagle, for Christ’s sake. All dogs bark. Vocalization is only bad when it sounds like nails on a chalkboard all fucking day. But I can’t have my own dog while their stupid dog is living here.

    Also, they can’t leave it home alone. They treat it like an infant. So anytime we go somewhere all together? Ratboy has to come with us. And he barks and yelps at every red light where he can see another human being. And then he gets PRAISED for it. They don’t realize that by trying to coo and pet the stupid thing to calm it down, it’s being rewarded for its annoying as fuck behavior. And they wonder, “Why does he keep doing that?” Gee fucking whiz people.

    I keep silently hoping something will kill this pathetic excuse for a dog. I can’t wish suffering on it, so I hope it’s quick and not a debilitating disease. This dog is the bane of my existence, and it stupid piss-shit stained, non-stop shrill-ass stupid mouth is putting a serious strain on our relationship.

  229. Ugh, there is no excuse for putting up with an un-housetrained animal of any kind. Fortunately you have an option: tell the parents it’s their problem. Unless Ratboy gets professional help or whatever it takes to stop peeing and shitting inside, he goes. And it’s your house, so you can say that.

    The barking can also be dealt with by a professional, but it’s easier to just take the goddam thing out and drag it on the end of a leash until it’s exhausted. Pay a neighbor who’s training for a 5k. I did this to my border collie and it did great things for her temperament.

  230. Dog Lover, try telling the parents about training the dog and make sure they’re all willing to put a LOT of effort.
    Good Luck and tell us how it goes, I can give some tips.

    And hi there Rain, it’s been a while!

  231. Nice to see you back, Random Guy. Don’t get the impression that Chihuahua apologist has vanished. She’s still nattering into the ether. I think she has 11 comments in the banned box right now. Disagreement I can put up with, but I will not tolerate being bored. And she was boring.

  232. I cant believe this is real…I could accept a joke for yes some attitute that little chia have, but any small animal will behave crazy to make up for their size in front of something that they percieve as a danger…miseducated dogs and abuse dogs will do it even when it is not real danger.
    The fact that you guys are “attacking” a breed can promote torture and killing of some chihuahuas just for the heck of it from some random person that feels it goes with the jokes here and subconsciously it will make all these little dogs a persona non grata to thoae that read this because unfortunately human being are a dumn specie in general and cant think for ourselves.
    So please, instead of making a blog where u brag about what u dont like and what u will do to them, invest ur energy on a blog where u post ur passions and what u do to make the world more interesting

  233. I’m a big chihuahua lover but I love to go to this site when I want a good laugh. There are too many complaints about the aggressiveness of the breed and that doesn’t just happen by accident. It’s in their genetic makeup and it’s not going to change anytime soon. Of the 4 chihuahuas I have owned,,,3 of them were little shits. Only one had a gently dispositioned. So people who have gentle chihuahuas better thank their lucky stars.

  234. Oh good heavens, look at you, Ms ALLCAPSNOPUNCTUATIONSWEARYFACE, using a developmental disability slur.

    The chis, they are just biding their time. They will eat your eyeballs when you are asleep.

  235. I poked my friend’s chihuahua so hard it keep tearing for a good 30 minutes. It was so terrified that it tried to use its legs to block my poking hands. Two weeks later the rat seems very aggressive towards me though.

  236. Too bad you picked on a helpless innocent tiny Chi,next time do that to an aggressive fighter Pit Bull so your finger gets bit off,maybe your face too…just my fantasy for the likes of your kind…lol

  237. I think one of the reasons Chirats are so awful is they pick it up from the awful, violent, irrational, neurasthenic people who gravitate towards their pop-eyed abnormality.

  238. Why don’t you come to my friend’s house and save the chihuahua from me? You know your won’t because you are afraid of me.

  239. Lately I’ve been thinking of ways to abuse the rat. Here are some of my ideas:

    1. Use a high power laser to blind one of its eyes, and mildly blind the other one.
    2. Use a copper wire to rupture its ear drums.
    3. Feed it with sub-lethal dosage of xylitol.
    4. Feed it with sub-lethal dosage of anti-freeze.
    5. Poke at its eyes as hard as possible without rupturing them.
    6. Pull out its canines, and if possible, all of its front teeth.
    7. Debark the dog.

    Disclaimer: The entire post is a work of fiction.

  240. Good god! 3 Chi’s down since I last commented and that demented turd Eva Boyle, masquerading as the beacon of light to all Chi’s out there, is still here opening her hallitosis-drenched hole … Shakesphere said it best – ” .. full of sound & fury, signifying NOTHING ..”
    She has an ego-driven Facebook page so obvious in its own self-absorbed ego-centric message that it drowns in its own bile, yet she comes in here telling people they’re the enemy of mankind for having their own opinion of the most loathsome, disgusting, vile four legged cunts of things that god ever shovelled guts into??
    Just for Eva – and you know I don’t give a Cow’s cunt for any insults you want to level at me biatch – 3 of the little fuckers have bit the dust since I last commented on here, and may I assure you that their demise was beyond the most ambitious glow I’ve ever felt when eradicating vermin.
    So Eva, call me worthless, scum, ASS-pergers or anythign else you want – I’ll just drink it up, slap you on the ass and thank you for the Freddo Frogs, and keep on doing what I enjoy doing in life – and part of that is despising Chi’s with a wrath & purpose every bit as much (and probably more) than your self-aggrandizing yet futile Paul Revere-like rides to attempt to convince us all here that Chi’s are anything other than what the majority of us have already stated.

    P.S. Hey there, rain – it’s been a while – good to see you’ve muzzled Eva The Chi Bitch during those occasions when even her own sense of self righteousness was threatening to overwhelm her!

  241. I love all dogs. I have burn rage for chi. My ex had one and I hate that piece of garbage. Just typing this makes me feel better. The only thing I miss about her is chasing her spoiled rat mut around the house terrorizing it. It ruined our relationship to the point where I built up a hatred towards her. This dog had to be in her lap always. She would cuddle with it under the blankets cause it was cold. It pissed and shit ever where. So I would pick up his shit and put it in his tiny kennel. Best sight ever. That stupid dog in his tiny kennel huddled in the corner.him and his shit which he left in my house. Haha she would come home from work and her dog would be in the kennel with his shit. Dumb mut. Can’t take the dog any where cause it would attack children. And she did nothing. One day it ran out of our house and staight for a 2 year old. She wasn’t home he did not get off so easily. Needy desperate pathetic people own them. This is true. She was the biggest attention wore I’ve ever meet. A Paris hilton wannabe except broke. And not even a good gold digger either. Her dog was mainly the cause of 90 percent of the fights. And this thing stunk. Always had to be on the pillows. Pissed on everything shit where ever it liked. I lived with it for a year. At first it didn’t bother me. Then once I started hating it.its smell. Need to be always 1 foot away from her and her loving it. I hated it. It’s the way people are with these dogs that make them like that. Google cedar Milan chihuahua u will see. All the people are pathetic and let the dog get away with everything. If a chi ever decide to one day get snippy with me. I’ll attack the owner.and ask them how they like it.

  242. Thank God your girlfriend left the relationship! What a worthless POS you are hating on a tiny defenseless dog just because you were jealous of all the attention he got. Shame on you! The best thing your girlfriend ever did was get the hell away from you!

  243. My cave? You mean my blog, and this post, which is about how awful Chihuahuas and Chihuahua fanciers are??? Well, I AM here. What are YOU doing here, that’s the question.

    Besides demonstrating proof I’m correct, that is.

  244. I’m here because I get email updates on retarded comments to this blog,I am here to defend the most endearing little dogs on the planet whom worthless retarded creeps like you disrespect enough to put up a sick sadistic hate inciting blog about…so go stick your head back in the toilet with your ” I AM” God mentality. Freak!~

  245. And you can’t figure out how to unsubscribe, after all these years. Clearly, microcephaly isn’t just a side effect of the Zika virus: it also causes a fondness for micro-brained, fanged knick-knacks. We can expect them to get popular in Brazil and Venezuela soon.

  246. I already told you I am here to defend the most endearing dog on this planet from retards like you…Evidently you must not understand…maybe YOUR parents were carriers of the Zika virus..thus YOUR narrow minded ignorance evolved from it…so whatever… BTW Chis have the biggest brain of all dogs comparative to their size. Oh now I get why you don’t understand them! LMAO

  247. The most endearing dog on this planet is the Golden Retriever puppy, which has the chance to grow up to something useful, like a seeing eye dog or a retriever, rather than an emotional support system for psychotics.

  248. @savechihuahuas
    You claim to have trained a lot of dogs including Wolves, Ha, they are the Alpha same as i am…
    My GF owned a chi, well he snapped once @ me, and never ever again… Don’t fuck with a Alpha, those suckers don’t even know they can’t win and keep thinking they are the boss, well not in my house, there is already one Alpha male and i’m on top of the chain.
    If they are so like humans and be smart as people say they wouldn’t pick a fight with one 15 to 20 times there size, they would asses the situation, that they attack people or big dogs is not brave, it is totally a sign of dumb ass stupidity on there behave.
    O God i love animals and hate myself for hating a living creature breed so deep i like to get them all down, yes i hate myself for having that much hate, but it is really the stupid chifuckyouwhateverdemonrat that makes me get that feeling.

    I’m sorry for my GF but if she is going to have another chifuckyouwhateverdemonrat she will be exit out of my life….She’s keep wining and crying about her baby, it has been her little child…well fuck you, i know how it feels like to lose a human kid, i can assure you it’s not the same, you can love your pet friend that much but it wont be the same of loosing your pet then a real human. I have had dogs, cats, ducks, chickens, rabbits and they are smarter then a chifuckyouwhateverdemonrat….

  249. O yes another one, it can’t stand on it’s own feet or just doing the mary go round because of the disease Cerebellar Hypoplasia….It is getting treats because the chifuckwhateverdemonrat can’t get to it’s own food….let it starve to death

  250. Alpha Wolf is a coward,Chihuahuas are brave warriors,I pray your girlfriend leaves your a-in the dust. You don’t deserve her or any sensible human.

  251. Raincoaster you are just an uneducated moron.. And Alpha Maggot,I pray that your children turn out the same as the Chis you depicted in the videos. Zika is an even better curse. Personally maggots like you should be forcibly sterilized.

  252. That should REALLY help your petition to take down this blog because it’s mean, Eva. That should seriously help you. Please do this. I can think of literally no better avenue for your talents. None, soulfinder2012@yahoo.com. None. And let me know if you ever find one. Soul, that is.

  253. My GF is not leaving me, you know why, she used to be a chi owner and prob. will be in the future….but without me…Now stop taking up the oxygen as with all your Chifuckyouwhatevers. Petition my ass, freedom of speech, welcome to 2016…your still living in the 70’s? Petition this madam Boyle.

  254. You are all fucking ridiculous. How can you harbor so much hate towards a CHIHUAHUA? If you don’t like a certain breed, then cool! Move on with your life! Get a job! Go to school (PLEASE)! Be a productive member of society! But to sit here and talk about killing an innocent animal is fucking disgusting. You should all be fucking ashamed. And to the people who claim to be “animal lovers” and in the very same breath say they want to snap a chihuahuas neck????? REALLY THOUGH? Are you that fucking stupid? And if I had a partner that spoke this way about an animal of mine I’d show them the fucking door in a heartbeat.

    Oh, Raincoaster, do yourself a favor and delete your shitty ass self-made wack ass wordpress website.

  255. Yes it maybe a couple years after the last post
    I am very happy to find this site after never having a problem besides allergies with animals A very unstable woman moved in next-door She not only could not control her pack of wild children nor ever attempted to
    She also held a foster home for demon rats
    I suffer from severe migraines and have to take medicine and get treatments for it
    Not only did they never shut upI could hear them in the house luckily she was evicted
    Even for those that say my ugly demon spawn is trained & well behaved
    They defecate indoors the owners are just as bad as my last vacation was another example on the beach with the careless women letting one shit and the lovely beach and just walking off
    It’s funny how a pet free beach Has so many “service dogs”
    that cannot even walk in a straight line
    And for that incorrigible save the Chihuahua lady please better the planet and seek euthanasia options for yourself
    At best move to a deserted island with Eva

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