The Next James Bond?

Could this be him? A classic English smoothie of “a certain age” who’s more popular than ever thanks to the kind of spontaneous orgasm of fandom the world hasn’t seen since Beatlemania, he certainly looks the part on paper. As for whether he does the same in photos, well you can judge for yourself:

Astley, Rick Astley

heartlessly stolen from AgentBedhead

11 thoughts on “The Next James Bond?

  1. Did you click it? He’s got strange powers of attraction. Or maybe British women are just desperate.

    Pierce Brosnan missed his window by ten years in my opinion.

  2. Oh God………….we used to call him Prick Astley way back in the days…………and so do I-I-I Ah I-I…..

  3. Things Rick Astley won’t do:
    Give you up
    Let you down
    Run around
    Desert you
    Make you cry
    Say goodbye
    Tell a lie
    Hurt you
    never gonna play 007.
    It’s like ‘Howdy Doody Bond’ for cripes sake . . .

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