Fabio Unicorn Chaser

Fabio was in a pirate movie? How did I not know this?

Love the fact that on YouTube this is tagged “Porn for secretaries.”

10 thoughts on “Fabio Unicorn Chaser

  1. All this proves that Jonny Depp is really Fabio in disguise. Really good looking (according to my lady friends)? Check. Pirate? Check. Totally badass? Check.

  2. I am totally gonna try the ‘Do you play chess?’ line out next time I’m out acourting. Appears to work a treat. I guess you’ve got to start off with the reassurance of ‘No-one wishes to ravish you’, and then indulge in a relax game of ‘stare at the chicken eater’ before you kick out the big guns.
    Oh, and it’d probably help if I was Fabio.
    Which is not something I expected to say. Ever.

  3. It does cover, plot point by tenuous plot point, the classic HHR* story line….so, well done. If I’d seen it when I was reading books with titles like “Savage Heart” and “The Wildest Heart”, I would’ve been all over him, uh, I mean it!

    [Can I just say, I really hope that was filmed tongue-in-cheek? If it wasn’t, my world will likely collapse.)

    [*Horny Historical Romance]

  4. I think Fabio was constructed in a lab specifically for the adornment of HHR. And did you know that Harlequin, Canada’s most successful publisher, has a line of porn for women? No reason I mention that…other than my birthday is coming up.

  5. Strange, Harliquin are Australia’s most successful publishers as well. And they have a ladies porn series as well. The Silhouette Desire series, in adulterous red covers – – –

  6. “Do you play chess?”
    That’s right up there with, “I’m going to treat you like my baby sister, except different.”
    I can’t believe it’s not hardcore.
    Where do you find this stuff, Rain?
    I mean, I know where you find it but . . .

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